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Climate activists see ‘new era’ after pipeline victories

Thursday - Climate activists sense a turning point in their war against the Trump administration's effort to cement a fossil-fueled future for the United States, with three major defeats for high-profile oil and gas pipeline projects.

Proud California dairy farmer takes it on the chin

Monday - Californian dairyman Scott Magneson just keeps on farming, despite the economic fallout from a pandemic and the extreme weather — floods, drought, wildfires — linked to climate change.

Green recovery was the great hope of 2009

25 Jun 20 - When the Obama administration entered the White House in January 2009, the first hope was to put people back to work and also accelerate transition to a clean-energy economy.

Why Americans can't afford to turn on the taps

Austin, Texas

25 Jun 20 - Millions of ordinary Americans are facing rising and unaffordable bills for running water, and risk being disconnected or losing their homes if they cannot pay, a landmark Guardian investigation has found.

Five communities go in search of green justice

24 Jun 20 - From New York to Los Angeles, Minneapolis to the Gulf Coast, people of colour suffer disproportionately from climate change, pollution and callous government.

Fewer blizzards for North America as snow lessens

The snows of yesteryear? Soho in New York in mid-blizzard.
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash

15 Jun 20 - It could soon be safe to think with nostalgia of the snows of yesteryear. Snowstorms in the future in the US could happen less often, with less intensity. And they would be of a smaller size.

Residents fght to keep compost getting trashed

15 Jun 20 - Just this past March, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson proposed making composting mandatory for city residents to help combat climate change. Now, with the coronavirus taking an immense financial toll on New York, even food waste recycling programs that existed before that proposition have become casualties of covid-19.

Climate change threatens mortgage market

9 Jun 20 - US taxpayers could be on the hook for billions of dollars in climate-related property losses as the government backs a growing number of mortgages on homes in the path of floods, fires and extreme...

US renewables take the 2019 top spot

2 Jun 20 - Renewable energy consumption in the US topped coal consumption in 2019, the first time this has occurred in more than 130 years.

How a contrarian scientist helped Trump's EPA

James Enstrom

29 May 20 - In March 2017, a scientist named James Enstrom rattled many public health experts by publishing a study concluding that there was no link between fine soot air pollution and premature death.

Alaska patiently awaits ice-melt tsunami

18 May 20 - A melting glacier in Alaska might trigger a landslide that would cause a major tsunami, scientists have warned.

Could New York's youth convince the State to divest?

18 May 20 - One analyst says oil, gas and coal were the biggest pension contributors for 30 years, but now are the worst performing sector—and there are no signs of improvement.

Trump buying one million barrels of oil

15 May 20 - The Trump Administration is planning to buy one million barrels of oil from US companies after funding to make a larger purchase failed to pass Congress.

Biden taps Ocasio-Cortez and Kerry to fight climate

15 May 20 - Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has appointed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the avatar of the Green New Deal, and former Secretary of State John Kerry, an architect of the Paris climate agreement, to his...

Fossil fuel giants set for virus bailout bonanza

13 May 20 - Fossil fuel companies and coal-powered utilities in the US are set for a potential bonanza under federal government plans for a bond bailout, part of the rescue package for the coronavirus crisis.

Trump reverses nearly 100 green rules

8 May 20 - After three years in office, the Trump administration has dismantled most of the major climate and environmental policies the president promised to undo.

Struggling farm workers face worsening heat

7 May 20 - Life is already bad enough for underpaid and overworked crop pickers in the US, but as lethal heat levels rise they will render outdoor labour in the harvest season increasingly impossible.

Trump-friendly fuel firms get millions in aid

5 May 20 - US fossil fuel companies have taken at least $50m in taxpayer money they probably won’t have to pay back, according to a review of coronavirus aid meant for struggling small businesses.

Warren Buffett dumps US airline stocks

4 May 20 - Legendary American investor Warren Buffett has sold his firm’s entire holdings in the four major US airlines, warning that the world has changed for the aviation industry because of the coronavirus...

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