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Government can order ACC to quit fossil fuels

Today 10:30am - The Government has the power to instruct its largest institutional investor, the Accident Compensation Corporation, to pull out of fossil fuel investments, a select committee says.

Carbon footprints not on Government agenda

Today 10:30am - The Government is not considering the carbon footprint of imported goods.

The little windfarm that could ...

Today 10:30am - It might not be on the scale of Mercuryís Turitea project, but New Zealandís newest windfarm, on Stewart Island, will make a dent in the countryís greenhouse gas emissions.


Today 10:30am - Ten years ago, the leaders of the United States and China were promising to work together to combat climate change.

WANTED: Someone to run carbon-credit auctions

Thursday - The Government is looking for someone to build and run its new carbon-credit-auctioning platform.

Northport move will up emissions, says report

Thursday - Greenhouse gas emissions from freight currently shipped through Auckland will increase 400 per cent if the portís operations are shifted to Northland, a new critique says.


Thursday - Ten years ago, the National Government was negotiating with the Maori Party for crucial votes to get its amendments to the Emissions Trading Scheme through Parliament.

Bathurst boadsides Goverment's green agenda

Wednesday - The Governmentís environmental agenda is threatening the countryís mining industry and an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy, Bathurst Resources says.


Wednesday - Ten years ago, farmers were threatening to again drive their tractors to Parliament as they did in 2003.

We're different from them, say pig farmers

Tuesday - Pig farmers say their industry is responsible for only a fraction of the countryís greenhouse gas emissions and should be treated differently from other agricultural businesses.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, Fonterra failed to persuade the Government to continue giving it free carbon credits, costing the cooperative more than $100 million.

Treasury casts eye over emissions changes

Monday - Greenhouse gas emissions from farming will fall 12 per cent by the middle of the century even without a carbon price, Treasury says.


Monday - Anyone with an interest in climate change and carbon trading is probably flat-out trying to put together submissions on a host of Government consultations.


Monday - Ten years, a Parliamentary select committee was deadlocked over changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme so reported proposed legislation back to the House without changes.

Govt eyes bid limits for carbon credit auctions

15 Nov 19 - The Government is looking at setting a maximum bid lot to stop a handful of entities getting control of the New Zealand carbon market.

National Party applauds farmers' pine protest

Matt Sharpe

15 Nov 19 - The National Party says it supports farmers who marched on Parliament yesterday demanding a halt to the planting of carbon forests on productive farmland.


15 Nov 19 - Ten years ago, the International Energy Agency said carbon prices would need to double to make clean technologies economically viable, and warned that fossil fuel use would need to peak by 2020.

Young campaigners see nation adopt carbon laws

14 Nov 19 - New Zealandís zero-carbon legislation becomes law today.

Incineration no solution to plastic waste crisis

14 Nov 19 - Since the Chinese market closed, 58 per cent of New Zealandís plastic waste now goes to Asian countries with weak regulations and high rankings as global sources of marine plastic pollution.

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