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Farming faces pressure from global methane rise

16 Dec 16 - A rapid increase in global methane emissions could put New Zealand under renewed international pressure to cut greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

Healthy soils could start at the dairy shed

8 Dec 16 - Bio-waste from places like dairy sheds can be used to transform degraded soils into top-producing land, research is showing.

Nitrogen pollution forgotten element of climate change

8 Dec 16 - While carbon pollution gets all the headlines for its role in climate change, nitrogen pollution is arguably a more challenging problem.

Pay farmers to fix environment, say scientists

7 Dec 16 - Up-front payments of $400 a kilogram to cut nitrogen run-off from farms would see dairy farms turned into forests, Government-funded research shows.

CLIMATE CALL: Waterway plantings worth billions

6 Dec 16 - New Zealand will be billions of dollars a year better off if it plants trees along waterways.

World warming almost certain to affect wheat yields

30 Nov 16 - Farmers and consumers have just been issued another warning: global warming will almost certainly reduce wheat yields.

Rural bank warns farmers of green backlash

29 Nov 16 - A rural bank is warning New Zealand farmers that poor environmental performance could create trade barriers against their produce.

EDS tries to stop Mackenzie land conversions

21 Nov 16 - The Environmental Defence Society is going to court to stop land-use conversions in the Mackenzie Country.

Tax meat and dairy to cut emissions, study urges

9 Nov 16 - Climate taxes on meat and milk would lead to huge and vital cuts in carbon emissions as well as saving half a million lives a year via healthier diets.

New carbon farming technology could drive up farm profits

1 Nov 16 - A new technology that measures the precise level of carbon in soil could drive an Australian boom in carbon farming.

Changing rainfall patterns threaten food production

1 Nov 16 - Rainfall patterns will have changed so drastically by the end of this century that agriculture, forestry and fishing will all be seriously affected, warns the UN’s latest State of Food and...

Students make critical nitrogen-pasture link

27 Oct 16 - TIMING COULD BE everything when it comes to getting the best results out of fertilisers in the dairy industry.

Scientist wins honour for dairying work

27 Oct 16 - A scientist who has led pioneering research on nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions from intensive dairying has been made a fellow of New Zealand’s Royal Society.

Secret ingredient lures bees into making more food

20 Oct 16 - A plant virus has developed the trick of attracting bees to the plants it has attacked to make sure they produce plenty of seed.

Monoculture the enemy of our rainforests

17 Oct 16 - SMALL-SCALE monocultural farming threatens rainforests, new research has found.

Seaweed could cut methane emissions from cows

14 Oct 16 - When Canadian farmer Joe Dorgan noticed about 11 years ago that cattle in a paddock by the sea were more productive than his other cows, he didn't just rediscover an Ancient Greek and Icelandic...

Agroforestry can help the planet (and profits)

11 Oct 16 - Feeding the world’s growing population in a rapidly warming world will not be possible with modern intensive agriculture that relies on cutting down more forests to plant crops, according to new...

Trendy foods should come with a recipe for sustainability

6 Oct 16 - The soft creamy flesh of a ripe avocado makes an attractive and healthy addition to many of our shopping baskets.

Farewell to green movement's prince of permaculture

Bill Mollison

30 Sep 16 - Permaculture pioneer Bill Mollison, who died last weekend, was one of the true heroes of the modern environmental movement.

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Child labour not for us, says Karen Walker

Karen Walker

12 Aug 16 - Kiwi clothing designer Karen Walker has certified that none of its garments are...

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