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Brazilian drought adds to impact of dam collapse

Monday - Reduced river flows in Brazil, as global warming intensifies the drought there, mean more damage from a burst dam, scientists say.

Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip

Monday - Russia has a reputation as one of the more difficult states involved in international climate negotiations – and don’t expect things to change at the latest UN conference in Paris.

Bushfires overlap strains fire-fighting resources

Monday - Australia’s bushfire preparedness is under threat from climate change as bushfire seasons there and in the Northern Hemisphere increasingly overlap, putting new demands on critical shared fire-fighting aircraft, a new report shows.

How this agreement deals another blow to coal

The OECD has moved to limit coal finance, which will put pressure on coal producers worldwide

Monday - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries have agreed to limit subsidies for the export of inefficient coal-fired power plant technologies.

The Big Apple puts bite on all corporations

Monday - In a move that is potentially transformative, the New York attorney general is investigating Exxon for financial fraud.

How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments

Monday - New Zealand is proposing in Paris a climate agreement that is not legally binding. PETER NEWELL, Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex, explains why legally binding agreements don't work.

What will be top of mind for Africa at climate talks?

Monday - Several regions have been meeting in the run-up to the Paris climate talks to deliberate on pressing climate issues. Africa is no exception.

Australia eyes carry-over credits, says expert

Monday - Australia is likely to use carry-over credits from KP1 to cover an emissions blow-out, a commentator is predicting.

Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target

Monday - Analysts say the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world’s poorest countries, has more credible plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions from forestry than several more developed states.

How we see ourselves in the year 2100

Monday - Most books report on what has already happened. John O’Brien has written one that describes the future.

What in the world's going on...

Monday - * Pacific temperature data shows El Niño gathering record strength * Super-rich Qatar delivers target-free UN climate pledge * Britain calls for closing of coal-fired power plants by 2025 * Egypt...

Euro nations lead in use of solar generation

Monday - Liechtenstein, Germany and Italy have the highest per capita rate of installed solar generation in the world.

NZUs trade up to $7.65

19 Nov 15 - NZUs traded 20k yesterday, closing at $7.65. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs close $7.50

18 Nov 15 - NZUs traded 10k at $7.50 yesterday with the market holding $7.45/7.55. OMFinancial reports:

Business speaks out: There's no other choice

16 Nov 15 - Business has a clear plan for how it will lead on climate change over the next five years, according to the Sustainable Business Council.

When gumboots became a lightbulb moment ...

16 Nov 15 - Looking around the OceaNZ Blue paua farm at Bream Bay, one thing Lynette Suvalko saw was lots of gumboots.

Travel industry slashes carbon emissions

16 Nov 15 - Many of the world’s biggest travel and tourism companies have improved their carbon efficiency by 20 per cent in the past decade and are on course to halve carbon dioxide emissions by 2035, according...

Five chase energy management prize

16 Nov 15 - Judges for the 2015 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards have announced the finalists for the EECA Business Energy Management Award.

What in the world's going on ...

16 Nov 15 - * Paris is safe, France assures climate talks visitors * EU scientists advise higher safety limits on glyphosate * Science Museum ends sponsorship deal with Shell * World’s largest ocean clean-up...

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Coca-Cola meeting water marks

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