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Vicky Robertson ... change needed.

Treasury COO to be new voice for the environment

Monday - New Zealand has a new Secretary for the Environment.

Power giant to dump coal-fired stations and go green

Monday - Australia's second-largest power company says it will close its coal-fired power stations by 2050 and concentrate on developing renewable energy.

Big Oil faces new pressure to disclose climate risk

Monday - A $2 trillion group of investors have asked regulators to force oil and gas companies to provide more disclosures about climate-related risks to their businesses.

Inquiry takes aim at green charities that get political

Friends of the Earth is among the environmental groups that have been criticised in some quarters as ‘anti-jobs’.

Monday - The almost 600 environmental groups that hold tax-deductibility status in Australia are being scrutinised by a Federal Government inquiry, with reports that more than 100 of them face being struck off the list.

Battery costs drop even faster as electric car sales keep rising

Monday - The cost of batteries is one of the major hurdles standing in the way of widespread use of electric cars and household solar batteries.

Additives to make plastic biodegradable donít cut it

Even a microbe won’t eat plastic.

Monday - One of the common concerns about plastic packaging is that it is generally non-biodegradable and will persist in the environment for extremely long periods of time once thrown away.

WORLD TODAY: Clinton to make climate top of agenda for White House run

Hillary Clinton ... historic first.

Monday - * Dutch government facing legal action over failure to reduce carbon emissions * US greenhouse gas emissions spiked 2 per cent in 2013 * Brazil to offer ambitious climate plan with more renewables * Brompton Bicycles Ė the unfolding saga of a two-wheeled success story

Tuvalu awards contract for solar power plants

Monday - Solarcity and Infratec Renewables have been awarded a $780,000 contract to build 170kW of solar photovoltaic arrays across two government-owned buildings in Funafuti, Tuvalu.

Drink bottle recycle campaign gets more funding

Monday - The annual Keep New Zealand Beautiful drink bottle recycling scheme will see nearly $180,000 injected into community initiatives across the country, to educate and encourage people to recycle more,...

Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15 - Carbon dioxide levels might be soaring, and governments might be slow to reduce fossil fuel emissions and contain climate change, but the smart money could nevertheless be going into renewable...

China helping Londonís famous black cabs to turn green

13 Apr 15 - Itís the most famous taxi in the world and a British icon, rivalling the Queen and red pillar boxes for global recognition. Now thereís a battle to make Londonís black cabs greener.

EPA founding chief heads for local body politics

Rob Forlong ... challenging.

13 Apr 15 - Environmental Protection Authority chief Rob Forlong is leaving.

Unhappy birthday for UK's nuclear white elephants

Sellafield ... failure.

13 Apr 15 - A state-of-the-art British plant designed to re-use spent nuclear fuel so as to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to close after years of what its critics call ďcommercial and technical failure.Ē

Industrial corn farming is ruining health and water

13 Apr 15 - A taxic algae outbreak last year in Ohio's Lake Erie shut down the water supply for almost half a million people in Toledo and the surrounding suburbs.

New fishing method proves potential

13 Apr 15 - A new fishing method with the potential to revolutionise the New Zealand fishing industry, boosting earnings and improving sustainability is proving itself, says a government-industry joint venture...

WORLD TODAY: Fossil fuel-free funds better than conventional ones, figures shows

13 Apr 15 - * Former UN climate chief defends coal finance * US carbon emissions set to fall to lowest level in two decades * Bloomberg pours $30m more into fighting coal * Top development banks agree...

Water Man of India makes rivers flow again

Rajendra Singh ... water wars waerning.

13 Apr 15 - Revival of traditional rainwater harvesting has transformed the driest state in India, and could be used to combat the effects of climate change across the world.

An economy focused solely on growth is unsustainable

13 Apr 15 - Most world leaders seem to believe that economic growth is a panacea for many of societyís problems.

How the USís post-2020 climate target could fit into a global deal

7 Apr 15 - The United States' formal submission this week of its intended post 2020 climate target raises several questions for this yearís global climate talks.

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Tuvalu awards contract for solar power plants

Monday - Solarcity and Infratec Renewables have been awarded a $780,000 contract to...

Drink bottle recycle campaign gets more funding

Monday - The annual Keep New Zealand Beautiful drink bottle recycling scheme will see...

Carpooler chases crowd funding

30 Mar 15 - Chariot, New Zealandís first carpooling and ride sharing app, has launched an...

Award-winner reopens show home

30 Mar 15 - Award-winning Rilean Construction is re-opening an energy efficient Evolution...

How businesses can learn to be water-wise

30 Mar 15 - A resource is now available for businesses and other organisations aiming to...

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