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NZUs remain steady

Wednesday - NZUs are relatively quiet and are holding the $4.40 level. OMFinancial reports:

Labour vows to build $100m clean-tech fund

David Cunliffe ... wealth fund.

Tuesday - A Labour Government would put $100 million a year into clean-tech companies.

New York summit could be the turning point

Tuesday - A United Nations chief dismayed at the lack of resolve toward the climate crisis; a daunting deadline for negotiating a new treaty; 125 or so heads of state; a sprawling agenda of fossil fuels, food, forestry and finance; a train of think tanks hauling gigabytes of green data; countless teach-ins, press conferences, art shows - plus tens or even hundreds of thousands of activists marching through midtown Manhattan, demanding action now.

Stage set for the biggest climate march of all

Tuesday - Activists next week will try to seize an opportunity to put the climate movement alongside the Civil Rights and the Vietnam anti-war movements.

Post-Fukushima, Japan's power plans are all at sea

Tuesday - Two companies in Japan recently announced that they are to begin building two huge solar power islands that will float on reservoirs.

WORLD WEB ... Richard Branson fails to deliver on $3b climate change pledge, says author

The world in their hands ... Richard Branson and Al Gore.

Tuesday - * More than 500 Korean firms face CO2 emissions cap * Carbon markets gaining momentum in the US * Fracking workers exposed to dangerous amounts of benzene, study says * France aims for ‘energy positive’ public buildings * Do we tax carbon emissions or trade them? Economists dig into the problem * Solar-powered ambulances awarded Government funding

It makes no sense to rely on the same few crops

Bambara ... nutritious groundnut.

Tuesday - We are in the middle of one of the biggest experiments in human history. At its core is the homogenisation of global food systems, which increasingly must deliver the same products to an expanding population across the world.

Drain the milk lake and create healthier, happier cows

Holsteins ... remarkable cows.

Tuesday - Milk, a precious resource in many parts of the world, has become a throwaway commodity in wealthy countries.

Drought bites as Amazon’s ‘flying rivers’ dry up

Tuesday - The unprecedented drought affecting São Paulo, South America’s giant metropolis, is believed to be caused by the absence of the “flying rivers” - the vapour clouds from the Amazon that normally bring...

Healthy diet guidelines hard to swallow for greenies

Tuesday - By TIM RADFORD.- The news is enough to make climate campaigners choke on their high-fibre breakfast cereal: if Americans adopted the dietary guidelines suggested by their own Department of...

To make this fuel just add water and sunlight

Dr Kastoori Hingorani in her lab at the Australian National University.

Tuesday - Australian scientists have successfully replicated one of the crucial steps in photosynthesis, opening the way for biological systems powered by sunlight which could manufacture hydrogen as a fuel.

Fossil-free superannuation is an idea that’s going to snowball

Tuesday - The launch of Future Super, which claims to be the first super fund in Australia to exclude fossil fuels and their major supporting companies from its investment portfolio, has drawn significant...

There's more to renewable energy than fighting climate change

Tuesday - With the failure of international agreements to fight climate change, the way is open to viewing the role of renewables as more than agents for reducing carbon emissions. Indeed, is it possible for...

Water source major challenge for frackers

Tuesday - The vast quantities of water needed to release oil and gas by fracturing rock formations are not available in large areas with the richest deposits – posing major challenges to the future viability...

Why trade pacts are bad for humankind

Tuesday - The Obama administration has proposed several ad-hoc, multi-country economic agreements, and in doing so has abandoned de facto the World Trade Organisation as insufficiently malleable to its...

Island states celebrate $2 billion conference

Seychelles President James Michel addresses the Apia conference.

8 Sep 14 - With nearly $2 billion pledged in sustainable development partnerships, the United Nations last week wrapped up its small island developing states conference in Samoa and kicked off a drum roll of...

China looks like kicking its coal habit

8 Sep 14 - There are still doubts. The statistics might be proved wrong. But it looks as if China might be starting to wean itself off its coal consumption habit.

Doors open at Ban Ki-moon's Last Chance Saloon

Ban Ki-moon ... wants action.

8 Sep 14 - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is attempting to prevent world leaders sleepwalking into disaster by asking them to make new pledges at his climate summit this month on cutting greenhouse gases.

Worried carmakers force Korea ETS changes

8 Sep 14 - Korea’s booming car industry appears to have won over the government in the country’s latest road map for emissions reduction.

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You'll never run out of printer paper

25 Aug 14 - A printer which reuses the same paper over again has won Toshiba two awards

Canon offers environment prizes

18 Aug 14 - Canon New Zealand is calling for Kiwis to get creative and apply for its annual...

CRL Energy wins environment award

1 Aug 14 - CRL Energy is the winner of the 2014 Minerals West Coast Environment...

Evolution show home opens in the south

20 Jun 14 - Award-winning Rilean Construction this week unveiled its first energy-efficient...

Sustainability graduates make their mark

7 Mar 14 - Now in its fourth year, Otago Polytechnic’s Graduate Programmes in Sustainable...

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