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Alistair Davis

EMISSIONS EDICT: Time to act, says Toyota chief

Friday - New Zealand businesses should now be asking how they are going to cut emissions in line with the countryís international pledges Ė even if those commitments are not yet going far enough, says Toyota New Zealand managing director Alistair Davis.

Officials tell why we need a carbon price floor

Thursday - A carbon price floor would be challenging but would give businesses certainty and guarantee foresters a price that made planting trees worthwhile, officials told the Government.

PUMP SLUMP: True carbon cost would punish petrol

Wednesday - Pricing the true cost of carbon pollution into fossil fuels would push retail petrol prices up 42 cents a litre, making electric vehicles far more attractive, according to a new report.

NZ unlikely to use banked credits, says minister

Paula Bennett

Wednesday - The Government is unlikely to use New Zealandís banked carbon credits to make-good on hot-air credits we have already surrendered internationally, a Parliamentary select committee has heard.

Bennett vows to hold carbon price at $25

Paula Bennett

Tuesday - New Zealandís carbon price cap will not rise above $25 for a long time Ė but neither will it go down, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett has told a select committee.

Big players' threats might force NZ to sign early

Paula Bennett

Monday - Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says New Zealand might have to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change this year, as large countries threaten to lock us out of the process to set the crucial rules for the operation of international carbon markets and accounting.

Fonterra nod pleases bioenergy industry

Brian Cox

Monday - The approval for Fonterra to build a new milk-drying plant that will be partially fuelled by wood is a step forward for the diary giant, says the Bioenergy Association.

UN says ratify; Government says not yet

17 Jun 16 - The Government has still not decided when it will ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change, Parliament heard yesterday.

DIRTY DOLLARS: PM's bank backs the big polluters

John Key

16 Jun 16 - A bank in which Prime Minister John Key is a shareholder has been named one of the worst in the world for its level of investing in fossil fuels.

Carbon should trade in limited range, says forester

Thomas Song

15 Jun 16 - New Zealandís carbon prices should be kept within a band of $15 to $50, says a forestry company that has played a leading role in developing the carbon market.

CARBON CLIMB: Prices rise 20% in three weeks

15 Jun 16 - Carbon prices have climbed 20 per cent in the three weeks since the Government confirmed that the one-for-two subsidy would be gone within three years.

Why we're getting it wrong on growth of cities

Iain White

14 Jun 16 - New Zealand is failing to use joined-up thinking when it comes to preparing for the impacts of climate change, says the head of environmental planning at Waikato University.

LanzaTech has role in global low-energy drive

13 Jun 16 - New Zealand-born LanzaTech is one of the businesses behind a new drive to get low-carbon sustainable fuels to the point where they make real cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

NZ filmmaker shows plight of Bangladeshis

Adrien Taylor

13 Jun 16 - Thirty million people in Bangladesh Ė seven times the entire population of New Zealand Ė face displacement from rising sea-levels as a result of climate change.

CRUISE CONTROL: Lax liners ingore environment rules

Queen Elizabeth .. good report

10 Jun 16 - Many of the cruise ships visiting New Zealand fail to meet basic environmental standards, a new report shows.

$20b Brownlee: We're doing all we can for climate

Gerry Brownlee

10 Jun 16 - Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee says the Government is making every effort it can to cut New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions.

Victoria sets date to be carbon neutral

Daniel Andrews

10 Jun 16 - The State of Victoria is pledging to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

SEA-RISE RISK: We're facing damage worth billions

9 Jun 16 - More than a billion dollars worth of New Zealandís road and rail networks is at risk from rising sea levels caused by climate change, a Ministry of Transport report says.

CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

8 Jun 16 - The Government sought no advice on whether building major new roads would affect greenhouse gas emissions, documents show.

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