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Cars buck downward trend of EU carbon emissions

Thursday - Road transport has bucked a downward trend in European greenhouse gas emissions, growing by 17 per cent between 1990 and 2014, at the same time that emissions from other sectors fell by almost a quarter.

BMW beats Tesla to LAPD electric car contract

Thursday - German automaker BMW has beaten California-based Tesla Motors by winning a contract to supply the Los Angeles Police Department with 100 electric cars.

Energy minister is electrifying

20 Jun 16 - Transport, Energy and Associate Climate Change Minister Simon Bridges is putting his money where his mouth is – he’s buying an electric car.

Hog will be electric in five years

16 Jun 16 - Harley-Davidson says an electric model is coming within the next five years.

Nissan eyes bioethanol EV

15 Jun 16 - Nissan drivers could one day be running their car on electricity created inside the vehicle from bioethanol fuel.

Beijing records highest number of EV sales

14 Jun 16 - Beijing has recorded the highest ever number of requests for electric vehicle registration - 17,600.

CRUISE CONTROL: Lax liners ingore environment rules

Queen Elizabeth .. good report

10 Jun 16 - Many of the cruise ships visiting New Zealand fail to meet basic environmental standards, a new report shows.

Ontario to offer e-car rebates in $6.5b carbon plan

10 Jun 16 - Ontario will spend as much as $NZ9.1 billion through 2020 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, betting big on electric vehicles with rebates of as much as $15,500 a car and 500 charging stations...

CARBON COST: Govt ignores roading impact

8 Jun 16 - The Government sought no advice on whether building major new roads would affect greenhouse gas emissions, documents show.

Airlines accused of backsliding on climate deal

7 Jun 16 - Leading air carriers have claimed they would support a new market-based scheme to curb emissions – but many remain unconvinced.

Bye-bye bike, Postman Pat will soon drive a Paxster

3 Jun 16 - New Zealand Post’s first electric vans have arrived.

VW to make big electric-car commitment

3 Jun 16 - Volkswagen is reportedly considering building its own battery factory as part of a large commitment to electric cars. The company is targeting sales of one million electric cars within 10 years.

Volvo concept trucks cut fuel by a third

3 Jun 16 - A Volvo project, which already has returned fuel cuts of 30 per cent, ultimately aims to double long-haul truck efficiency through aerodynamic and other fuel-saving features.

Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

Julie Anne Genter

25 May 16 - A Green government would fund rail from taxes, with an aim of getting half of the country’s total freight off roads by 2027.

Hyundai plans 250-mile EV for 2020

25 May 16 - Carmaker Hyundai is designing an electric vehicle with a 250-mile range for 2020.

Punish the dirty drivers, urges e-car advocate

24 May 16 - The Government should fine people buying fossil fuel-burning vehicles and give the money to people who buy clean electric vehicles, says Waikato University’s professor of law.

Global EV sales will increase fivefold within five years

24 May 16 - Global electric vehicle revenue will likely reach $58 billion in 2021, representing a fivefold increase from 2015.

Supersized ship, supersized pollution problem

23 May 16 - As Harmony of the Seas sets sail from Southampton docks today she will leave behind a trail of pollution – a toxic problem that is growing as the cruise industry and its ships get ever bigger.

Colorado e-car fans to get $5000 incentive

19 May 16 - Colorado people looking to buy electric vehicles in the state will soon have access to a $5000 incentive.

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