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More trading could cut cost of climate change mitigation

Thursday - Greater global cooperation through carbon trading could reduce the cost of climate change mitigation by 32 per cent by 2030, according to a World Bank report.

Australian businesses keen to join global carbon trade

18 Oct 16 - AUSTRALIA'S conservative government might have ditched the countryís emissions trading scheme, but businesses across the Tasman still want to get involved in international carbon trading, a survey shows.

Ukraine ratifies Paris Agreement

21 Sep 16 - Ukraine Ė the source of many of the low-value carbon credits that have so embarrassed the New Zealand Government Ė is the latest country to ratify the Paris Agreement.

Canada will impose nationwide carbon price

Catherine McKenna

21 Sep 16 - Canada will impose a carbon price on provinces that do not adequately regulate emissions by themselves, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said without giving details on how the Liberal government will do so.

Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16 - New Zealandís reported greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically.

Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

16 Sep 16 - Just 4.6 million NZUs came into the Emissions Trading Scheme last year, new Government figures show.

Big banks under attack over damaging investments

15 Sep 16 - Two of New Zealandís largest banks are caught up in a campaign in which customers are threatening to close accounts if the banks donít stop lending money to climate-damaging businesses.

How companies get smart about climate change

15 Sep 16 - The Paris Agreement not only signalled social change but also sent the market a strong signal to move away from carbon-intensive investment.

Time to get on the new emissions register

14 Sep 16 - Time is running out to use migration codes to switch to the new Emissions Trading Register.

How to expand carbon pricing worldwide

1 Sep 16 - Countries and states around the world are considering carbon pricing policies to achieve their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, including emissions trading systems, carbon taxes, or similar...

New emissions register will make life easier

23 Aug 16 - The emissions register will be closed from noon on Thursday, pending the launch of the new one on Monday.

Your EUR account needs some attention

2 Aug 16 - Got an account on the Emissions Unit Register? You need to do some things to make sure itís transferred to the new register thatís replacing it.

European carbon slumps to two-year low

30 Jun 16 - European carbon hit a two-year low overnight as Brexit jitters continue to worry the market.

Options show how badly Brexit could hurt EU market

30 Jun 16 - Brexit is sending prices in the European Union carbon market lower, and options traders expect it to get worse.

Africa has key role to play, say carbon traders

29 Jun 16 - Africa will play a critical role in the spread of carbon markets, says International Emissions Trading Association president Dirk Forrister.

Price floor or perish, experts tell European market

28 Jun 16 - Europeís carbon market faces ruin without a price floor, an international think-tank says.

EU carbon prices struggle to hold ground

28 Jun 16 - European carbon prices tried and failed to rally last night in the wake of Britainís vote to leave the European Union.

Nervous Europe rallies for climate talks

28 Jun 16 - EU envoys will meet in Berlin next week for informal talks on saving the blocís reputation as a climate leader.

How British exit could affect our carbon market

27 Jun 16 - New Zealand carbon prices could be affected by Britainís vote to leave the European Union.

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