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OMF NZ Carbon Market Review

Daily New Zealand carbon market intelligence report from broker OMFinancial. OMF's live carbon price service is here.

It's a Mexican stand-off...

Wednesday - There was no change in spot carbon yesterday, with NZUs fixing at $5.27. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs could go lower, but are still good buying

Monday - Spot carbon traded at $5.15 on Friday. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs trade to six-month low

21 May 15 - Another busy day for spot NZUs, with the market dealing $5.35 in early trading before closing at $5.20 on 150k.

Spot NZUs trade size at $5.40

20 May 15 - OMFinancial traded 100,000 tonnes at $5.40 yesterday suggesting the market is starting to hammer out a base in the mid to low $5s.

Spot NZUs close at $5.75

18 May 15 - Spot carbon settled at $5.75 on CommTrade on Friday with smalls trading to cap off an overall quiet week. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs quiet beyond measure

15 May 15 - Spot carbon edged back into the high $5s today, settling at $5.72 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs hit $6.05 on small volume

14 May 15 - Spot NZUs got paid at $6.05 today on very small volume. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs close at $5.95

11 May 15 - Another day of drift for spot NZUs, closing at $5.95 on Friday. OMFinancial reports:

Many portfolios in lock-down

8 May 15 - Carbon drifted again yesterday closing at $5.95 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

Keep buying the dips

6 May 15 - Spot NZUs traded at $6 yesterday for 15,000 tonnes. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs remain quiet

5 May 15 - A very quiet day for spot NZUs trading a small amount of units and closing unchanged at $6.07. OMFinancial reports:

NZ carbon is domestic at last

4 May 15 - Spot NZUs continue to cling to the $6 level, closing at $6.07 on CommTrade Friday. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs settle at the end of the week

28 Apr 15 - A quiet end to the week for carbon, ahead of a long weekend. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs continue to drift

24 Apr 15 - The market has been fairly quiet since a busy trading session earlier in the week and the market is holding the $6 level for now last at $6.15. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs have busy day

22 Apr 15 - The market saw a flurry of activity in spot yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs drift slightly lower

21 Apr 15 - Spot NZUs drifted further down yesterday to close at $6.27. OMFinancial reports:

Procurement interest still there

20 Apr 15 - Spot NZUs drifted down on Friday, ending at $6.30 on 60,000 NZUs. OMFinancial reports:

Spot NZUs may head lower in the short-term

17 Apr 15 - You might think we call this market only one way, says OMFinancial:

Quiet day on the market

16 Apr 15 - The market was reasonably quiet overall yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

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