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What Dutch climate case means for the world

14 Oct 20 - Late last year, the Dutch Supreme Court issued a decision that could have implications for countries around the world.

Top asset owners commit to big carbon emissions cuts

14 Oct 20 - Thirty of the world’s largest asset owners, with portfolios worth a combined $US5 trillion, have committed to cutting the carbon emissions linked to companies they invest in by up to 29 per cent within the next four years.

Pope backs divestment from companies not protecting the environment

12 Oct 20 - POPE FRANCIS is urging people to pull investments from companies that are not committed to protecting the environment, adding his voice to calls for the economic model that emerges from the coronavirus pandemic to be a sustainable one.

Nigeria, Jamaica bring closure to the Kyoto Protocol era

6 Oct 20 - The Doha Amendment will come into force this year after Nigeria became the 144th country to ratify the climate treaty, in a last-minute scramble to tie the loose ends of the Kyoto Protocol era.

Socialist Cuba wants to go carbon trading

5 Oct 20 - Cuba has suggested it wants to get paid to reduce emissions if a controversial global carbon credit scheme is set up.

Union Square clock counts the time we're wasting

21 Sep 20 - New York’s Union Square Metronome clock is being turned into a giant climate clock tracking the time left to transform the world’s economy and energy systems to avoid catastrophic levels of climate change.

Mass migration set to increase as world warms

16 Sep 20 - There is strong evidence that deteriorating environments caused by climate change are driving millions of people to resort to mass migration in their search for a better life, both within countries and across borders.

Facebook and Google say they will go carbon-neutral

16 Sep 20 - Facebook and Google are becoming carbon neutral businesses, joining competitors Apple and Microsoft in committing to put no excess carbon into the atmosphere, both companies have independently...

Sir David Attenborough makes stark warning about species extinction

15 Sep 20 - SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH returns to television screens this with a landmark new production - but the tone is very different from his usual work.

Asian multilateral bank to end coal-related financing

15 Sep 20 - The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is promising to end all coal financing, but has yet to write this into policy.

CONSERVATION CRISIS: two reports bring bad news for wildlife

11 Sep 20 - International conservation organisation WWF says the world's populations of wildlife have fallen 68 per cent since 1978, and a leaked United Nations report shows that none of the 2020 biodiversity...

A fifth of CO2 emissions comes from multinationals

10 Sep 20 - The global supply chains of multinational companies such as BP, Coca-Cola and Walmart are responsible for nearly a fifth of climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new study.

Countries promise green recovery but keep quiet on fossil bailouts

4 Sep 20 - Major economies promised to recover green after covid-19 and accelerate climate action during a virtual ministerial meeting hosted by Japan overnight.

Call for film industry to cut its emissions

3 Sep 20 - Big-budget blockbusters produce 2840 tonnes of carbon dioxide, although their environmental impact is often ‘underreported’, a study reveals.

Chemical recycling promising for circular economy - EU

28 Aug 20 - So-called “chemical recycling” holds the promise of isolating toxic substances contained in plastics, which are now banned in Europe, making it possible to retrieve feedstocks that can be used to...

Joint venture invests billions in 'natural capital'

27 Aug 20 - A push to better recognise the economic value of “natural capital” – water systems, biodiversity, soil and carbon stores – has prompted the creation of what aims to be the world’s largest investment...

Climate fund for poor nations vows to drive green covid-recovery

25 Aug 20 - The Green Climate Fund has promised developing nations it will ramp up efforts to help them tackle climate challenges as they strive to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, approving $879 million...

Health is all we have - but now Google wants it

3 Aug 20 - The EU probe of Google's deal for Fitbit is a harbinger of a future in which Big Tech is central to healthcare.

DEVELOPERS v DURRELL: The battle for Corfu

3 Aug 20 - Usually, at this time of year, Corfu would have submitted to the soporific rhythms of the relentless summer heat.

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Recognising forestry's highest achievers

5 Oct 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The New Zealand Institute of Forestry has announced the winners...

Fonterra should be ashamed of causing coal mine expansion, says Cana

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Bathurst Resource¡¯s planned extension of its Canterbury coal...

Coal activists' target misplaced - Straterra

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Activists blocking a Canterbury coal mine over a proposed...

Wood fibres report welcomed

2 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The Wood Fibre Futures report is a welcome addition to our...

Fuel-cell trucks here next year

1 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy and United States-based HYZON...

China will have more than 25% of global offshore wind power capacity by 2030

27 Aug 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - GLOBAL DATA: The global offshore wind segment is likely to grow...

Big penalty for environmental pollution

27 Aug 20 - An Auckland Council prosecution has seen a golf resort fined $86,000 for...

Funding welcome for recycling plant upgrades

26 Aug 20 - Local Government New Zealand has today welcomed the stimulus funding to upgrade...

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