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Foresters like look of climate commission

Monday - Forest owners like the Labour Party's plan to set up an independent climate commission.

We're going off grid ... surely but slowly

Monday - New Zealanders might be slow at adopting alternative electricity generation, but it does threaten the existing centralised model, a new report says.

Policy wobbles could slow renewable energy growth

Monday - Power generation from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro grew strongly last year, reaching almost 22 per cent of global generation, says the International Energy Agency.

Canadian batteries get NZ approval

Monday - Eco Alkalines household batteries are carboNZero.

Worldwide, public shows its support for renewables

Monday - Public support for renewable energies across the world continues to grow, particularly in more advanced economies − with solar power being especially popular.

Sarawak’s logging roads would go round the Earth … twice

Once were jungle ... a spider-web of logging roads in the Baram River area of northern Sarawak.

Monday - Sarawak’s logging companies, known for their unsustainable practices, have created a road network 88,111 km long in the Malaysian state’s rainforest, says a protest group.

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Monday - * Big power out, solar in: UBS urges investors to join renewables revolution * Renewable energy investments create larger returns than pension funds * Researchers say this year's ecological footprint has already been exceeded * Shell prepares for 2015 Arctic drilling * Pacific makes substantial progress in reducing carbon footprint * How a church in West Virginia get solar panels for just $1

Business gleans ideas at small islands forum

Monday - Small island states offer opportunities for genuine and sustainable business partnerships, according to executives and officials at United Nations private sector forum in Samoa.

Australian transport stuck in the energy queue

Monday - Australia has scored poorly in the energy efficiency of its land transport, and is well behind other major economies, a recent international scorecard has revealed.

Water levels rank with soccer scores in drying Brazil

Monday - Outside the semi-arid area of the north-east, Brazilians have never had to worry about conserving water. Year in, year out, the summer has always brought rain.

The fact is we're making the emissions problem worse

Monday - Challenging news for those climate campaigners who believe that renewable sources of energy are on the increase: they may be, but so are carbon dioxide emissions.

Aviation a microcosm of the emissions problem

Monday - No matter what the aviation industry does to reduce emissions, it will be outweighed by growth in air travel, according to a new analysis.

Scientists claim fertiliser breakthrough

Monday - Researchers in the UK think they may have found a way to produce fertilisers that should cut farmers’ costs and at the same time boost some types of renewable energy.

Groser agrees to talk climate with Labour, Greens

Tim Groser ... climate debate.

25 Aug 14 - David Parker, Russel Norman and Tim Groser will go head-to-head on climate policy next week.

Water quality takes the spotlight

25 Aug 14 - The vexing subject of freshwater quality will be debated in Hamilton next week.

Watchdog rules ‘clean coal’ advertisement misleading

25 Aug 14 - Britain’s advertising watchdog has ruled that an advertisement for “clean coal” by the world’s largest private sector coal firm, Peabody Energy, was misleading and should not be published again in...

G20 energy brains talk business in Brisbane

25 Aug 14 - This week Brisbane hosts the final meeting of the G20 Energy Sustainability Working Group before the main G20 summit in November, when government officials and energy experts from 20 of the most...

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Tidal generator for the MeyGen project in Scotland.

25 Aug 14 - * World's largest tidal energy project gets £50m funding boost * 'Grand bargain' may secure enough support for Direct Action to pass Senate * Global climate inaction will mean economic turmoil for...

UN expects big things from Samoa conference

Downtown Apia

25 Aug 14 - The United Nations expects more than 300 initiatives to be announced next week at a major world conference in Samoa aimed at fostering partnerships with small island developing states.

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You'll never run out of printer paper

25 Aug 14 - A printer which reuses the same paper over again has won Toshiba two awards

Canon offers environment prizes

18 Aug 14 - Canon New Zealand is calling for Kiwis to get creative and apply for its annual...

CRL Energy wins environment award

1 Aug 14 - CRL Energy is the winner of the 2014 Minerals West Coast Environment...

Evolution show home opens in the south

20 Jun 14 - Award-winning Rilean Construction this week unveiled its first energy-efficient...

Sustainability graduates make their mark

7 Mar 14 - Now in its fourth year, Otago Polytechnic’s Graduate Programmes in Sustainable...

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