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Waikato mine delayed, not on hold, says Fonterra

Monday - Fonterra subsidiary Glencoal has denied suggestions that it has put its plans for an opencast mine in the Waikato on hold indefinitely following public opposition.

Sydney aims to save $600m on energy bills

Monday - Sydney is aiming to become one of the world’s most energy-efficient cities, slashing greenhouse gas pollution and saving $600 million on energy bills by 2030.

Let's cut emissions, not worry about how

Monday - Australia had an emissions trading scheme with a fixed price; it was one good way to encourage carbon cuts throughout the economy.

Bad news, says BP, we're looking at a 25% rise in CO2

Monday - The British-based oil and gas giant BP says it expects global emissions of carbon dioxide to rise by a quarter in the next 20 years.

Plastic bottles recycler wins acclaim

Monday - A New Zealand company turning old plastic bottles into building insulation has won CarboNZero certification.

Business leaders cast wary eye over latest EU plans

Sandrine Dixson-Declève ... others must follow.

Monday - International business leaders say that the success of new climate and energy plans for Europe hang on how effectively they are implemented.

Tiny capsules can have big impact on carbon capture

Monday - By ROGER AINES.- Using the same baking soda found in most grocery stores, researchers in the United States have created a significant advance in carbon dioxide capture.

Farming boom leaves ecosystems in danger of collapse

Price of progress ... this lake is not supposed to be green.

Monday - China’s push for more intense farming has kept its city dwellers well-fed and has helped to lift millions of rural workers out of poverty … but it has come at a cost.

WORLD TODAY: Game of Thrones bloggers ring climate change alarm bells in US

Monday - * End of the Pachauri era: The evolution of consensus on climate science * Reducing food waste could save the global economy $300 billion a year * Germany sees four-fold increase in renewables...

Building performance in spotlight at Green Property Summit

Monday - MEDIA RELEASE: The real-world performance of ‘green’ development will be under the microscope at next month’s Green Property Summit in Auckland

Joining forces for predator control

Monday - MEDIA RELEASE: The dairy industry has joined with NEXT Foundation and Department of Conservation to dramatically transform the way invasive predators are managed on mainland New Zealand.

NZUs cheap at $5.86

26 Feb 15 - NZUs are consolidating below $6 and are good buying down here. OMFinancial reports:

New Zealand’s defective law on climate change, by Sir Geoffrey Palmer

23 Feb 15 - Distinguished law fellow Sir Geoffrey Palmer, QC, has been at or near the heart of our attempts to tackled climate change for nearly three decades.

Big cities head for water crisis as populations explode

23 Feb 15 - More than 40 per cent of the world’s great cities supplied by surface water could become vulnerable to shortages and drought by 2040, according to new research.

Jobs v environment: the debate Queensland can end

Annastacia Palaszczuk ... can she deliver?

23 Feb 15 - Queensland has a new Labor minority government, led by Annastacia Palaszczuk, after the shock defeat of the Liberal National Party.

Can wave energy rise to the challenge in Australia?

Power point ... a float called an actuator is lowered into the water off Perth.
Photo Credit: AAP photo

23 Feb 15 - A pioneering wave farm off Perth now generating electricity is an exciting and welcome development.

Shell chief calls for climate action, but what are the motives?

Ben van Beurden ... balanced debate.

23 Feb 15 - Shell chief Ben van Beurden is pointing the way for oil companies to demand greater certainty over future climate policy.

Climate impacts on European farmers’ yields per field

23 Feb 15 - Farmers in Europe have already begun to feel the pinch of climate change as yields of wheat since 1989 have fallen by 2.5 per cent and barley by 3.8 per cent on average across the whole continent.

WORLD TODAY: Coal states build wall of red tape to resist Obama's power plan

23 Feb 15 - * Citigroup sets $100b funding goal for green projects * Deutsche bank seeks to buy $1b in green bonds * Carbon pricing pays the way for cleaner energy * EU introduces new rules to make cooking...

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When it comes to N in effluent – fresher is better

Monday - MEDIA RELEASE: The fresher the better – that’s one of the findings of new...

Building performance in spotlight at Green Property Summit

Monday - MEDIA RELEASE: The real-world performance of ‘green’ development will be under...

Joining forces for predator control

Monday - MEDIA RELEASE: The dairy industry has joined with NEXT Foundation and...

Good in the Hood makes a $1m return

16 Feb 15 - MEDIA RELEASE: Z’s Good in the Hood is back for 2015, offering a share of more...

APP welcomes Rainforest Alliance report

16 Feb 15 - MEDIA RELEASE: Forest Conservation Policy Asia Pulp & Paper has welcomed the...

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