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UK tidal project could spark global revolution

Friday - Ambitious plans have been drawn up for a network of “tidal lagoons” around the UK coast that could provide up to a quarter of the country’s electricity – and there is potential to roll out the technology in many parts of the world.

Australia launches energy marketplace for rooftop solar

Friday - Australian homeowners with solar panels and batteries could soon trade their electricity in a digital marketplace developed by a consortium of electricity providers, energy tech startups, energy retailers and energy agencies.

Forget Trump, keep your eyes on China

Friday - A leading UK voice in the debate on climate change says more attention should be paid to positive action being taken to tackle CO2 emissions in China rather than worrying about the US and Donald Trump.

Solar power plants now cheaper than coal

Friday - Solar power in Australia is more affordable than new fossil fuel and nuclear power, with costs plummeting by almost 60 per cent over the past five years, a new report released by the Climate Council has found.

Climate scientists face harassment and threats

Friday - Researchers will have to deal with attacks from a range of powerful foes in the coming years – and for many, it has already started.

Railway stations across India to go solar

Friday - India’s railways – the leading consumer of power – are to become the nation’s largest producer of solar energy.

This is what 4 million solar panels look like from space

Friday - On the Tibetan Plateau in eastern China, four million solar panels silently soak up the sun as part of the Longyangxia Dam Solar Park. It’s the largest solar farm in the world, spreading over 10 square miles of the high desert landscape.

The age of the giant battery is almost upon us

Thursday - The idea that giant batteries might someday revolutionise electrical grids has long enthralled clean-power advocates and environmentalists. Now it’s attracting bankers with the money to make it...

How conservatives can grow to love carbon pricing

Thursday - In some political circles, hostility to climate policy has become a way of showing off one’s conservative credentials. But a suggestion for pricing carbon, grounded in classic conservative...

Aerosol study looks at great unknown in climate science

Thursday - Australian scientists are studying air pollution and cloud formation in Antarctica in an effort to understand how non-carbon aerosolised particles impact on global temperatures.

Melbourne streets become living transport lab

Thursday - Integrated transport has long been the holy grail of transport engineering. Now, a project set up north of Melbourne’s CBD aims to make it a reality.

Solar energy powers sustainable solutions

Thursday - Every mouthful of food eaten by virtually every creature on Earth depends ultimately on the sun.

Campaigners crack Coke

Thursday - Coca-Cola has announced it supports testing a deposit return service for drinks cans and bottles, in a major coup for environment and anti-waste campaigners.

Climate scepticism far-right badge of honour – even in sweltering Australia

Wednesday - It hits you in the face and clings to you. It makes tall buildings whine as their air conditioning plants struggle to cope. It makes the streets deserted and the ice-cold salons of corner pubs get...

COOL CITIES: Trees, green roads and fewer cars

Wednesday - As city temperatures rise, with a negative impact on health, councils are coming up with some innovative solutions.

RAISING THE STEAKS: Startup crowdfunds sustainable beef

Wednesday - Seattle start-up Cow Crowd works directly with ranchers across the US, cutting out the middleman and giving farmers an alternative to selling calves to factory farms.

The making of Sweden’s climate law – and that photo

Wednesday - When Sweden’s deputy prime minister Isabella Lövin posted a photo of herself referring one of the world’s most ambitious climate laws to parliament, surrounded by women, it was undeniably provocative.

Natural resources used for building increase 23-fold

Wednesday - The volume of natural resources used in buildings and transport infrastructure increased 23-fold between 1900 and 2010.

Buying green doesn’t necessarily make you green

Wednesday - Company bosses need to walk-the-walk when it comes to greening their business with technology, with new research finding that just buying green IT, doesn’t make you green.

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