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Cities turn to freewheeling public transport

14 Feb 20 - In the United States, once the home of car culture, cities are increasingly experimenting with free public transport. But the idea is not an American preserve: it’s catching on fast across the globe.

BARS NOT CARS: What to do with your old parking buildings

19 Nov 19 - Shopper numbers in UK city centres are falling, leaving car parks empty – and councils are finding innovative ways to repurpose the space.

Can nests and eco bikes cut impact of delivering parcels?

6 Nov 19 - Cities are testing new systems to reduce the pollution and congestion caused by of the final leg of a package’s journey from warehouse to doorstep.

New Dubai city green revolution in the desert

31 Oct 19 - Fenced off by a wall of trees, about 20km from the high rises towering over Dubai’s city centre, lies a small solar-powered settlement aiming to become a green oasis in the desert.

Why don't all buildings have green roofs?

15 Oct 19 - Rooftops covered with grass, vegetable gardens and lush foliage are now a common sight in many cities around the world.

SURVIVAL CITY: What happens if cities act but nations don't?

15 Oct 19 - It is cities, not national governments, that are most aggressively fighting the climate crisis – and in 30 years they could look radically different.

Can cities save the planet?

7 Oct 19 - By 2050 about two-thirds of the human population — that is six out of the world’s nine billion people — will be living in cities.

Welcome to Welly ... the Paris of the southern hemisphere

13 Sep 19 - Wellington is the new Paris of the South, according to the latest cities’ liveability index.

Booming tropical cities feel the heat

10 Sep 19 - Cities occupy about 2 per cent of the world’s land area, but are home to about 55 per cent of the world’s people and generate more than 70 per cent of global GDP, plus the associated greenhouse gas...

Where are the architects who will put the environment first?

3 Sep 19 - Should we stop building airports? Return to mud and thatch? The climate crisis is an opportunity for creative thinking, but the values of architecture need a radical overhaul.

Cities scrambling to protect people from heat

26 Aug 19 - With cities facing both rapid growth and radical, permanent climate change, urban authorities are faced with an increasingly vulnerable population.

Wooden skyscrapers sprout as world goes cool on concrete

23 Aug 19 - With concrete a major source of climate-changing emissions, cities around the world are looking at high-rise wooden buildings instead.

Major cities to face ‘unknown’ climate conditions by 2050

12 Jul 19 - A fifth of the world’s major cities will face “unknown” climate conditions by 205 as rising temperatures heighten the risks of drought and flooding.

Planners turning to parks as climate crisis moves uptown

24 May 19 - As cities increasingly feel the impacts of rising seas and temperatures, planners are rethinking the roles of urban parks.

Threatening tide levels see UN launch push for floating cities

10 Apr 19 - A UN-backed partnership will study the futuristic prospect of floating cities, looking at how platforms at sea might help to bail out coastal cities at risk of flooding.

Termites show humans how to keep their high-rise cool

4 Apr 19 - Scientists are studying the architectural skills developed by termites so we can keep cool, dry and well-ventilated in tall buildings without using fossil fuels.

Smart planners rethink city parking - by getting rid of it

6 Mar 19 - Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” But could parking lots soon become extinct, with the lost paradise making a return?

Cities need to grow up - not out

8 Feb 19 - Urban areas are expected to grow by 80 per cent by the end of the next decade, and unless they grow up rather than out, they could be in trouble, says a new report.

Threatened cities trade sea walls for parks

5 Nov 18 - Under a new plan to deal with higher tides, Boston will allow the rising water to come in to the city, rather than fighting to keep it out.

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