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Loss of plants will make a world of difference

Tuesday - Up to a million species might go extinct due to human activity. We all know the mammals in trouble, but how many of us could name an endangered plant?

SNOW BUSINESS: Could flakes be a source of clean energy?

5 Jun 19 - Two scientists have developed a device that captures the electrical charge from falling snow.

Well-managed soils make better carbon stores

4 Jun 19 - Soils could store more carbon if they were managed better, scientists say.

Sky-spy will map all carbon emissions

31 May 19 - Europe is readying a new fleet of satellites that will monitor CO2 emissions at every point on earth, creating the first worldwide system to independently track polluters.

Humans held responsible for climate twists

27 May 19 - Researchers have found that greenhouse gases and pollution have almost singlehandedly shaped 20th century climate.

Turning methane into CO2 could help the fight

23 May 19 - Researchers have come up with a new technique to clean the atmosphere of the second-most powerful greenhouse gas people produce - methane.

New wonder material could change electronics

2 May 19 - A material with the potential to revolutionise a wide range of technologies was discovered by accident.

DNA expert new EPA chief scientist

Professor Mike Bunce

23 Apr 19 - An expert in DNA is the Environmental Protection Authority’s new chief scientist.

New studies show it could be even hotter than we thought

18 Apr 19 - Global climate models developed for the UN are running hotter than they have in the past. Soon the world could be, too.

Super plants the key, says leading biologist

Dr Joanne Chory

17 Apr 19 - Dr Joanne Chory hopes that genetic modifications to enhance plants’ natural carbon-fixing traits could play a key role – but knows that time is short, for her and the planet.

EYES ON ICE: Anchored science ship will go with the floe

15 Apr 19 - In September, the giant German polar research vessel Polarstern will set off from Tromsø in Norway on a remarkable voyage.

Scientists invent 'transparent wood' for new building material

5 Apr 19 - Researchers say they have given timber a makeover to produce a material that is not only sturdy, but also transparent and able to store and release heat.

Ancient ‘Snowball Earth’ thawed out in a flash

4 Apr 19 - Scientists have found that a final Snowball Earth thawing event likely ended in a flash about 635 million years ago - a geologically fast event that might have implications for today’s human-driven...

Drones make it easier to monitor environment

26 Mar 19 - Conservationists, researchers and volunteers are findng new technology in the form of drones is making their jobs a whole lot easier.

IPCC treading softly on language, says study

21 Mar 19 - The International Panel on Climate Change is using conservative language that underplays the threat of climate change.

CLIMATE CHAMPION: My struggle with the future

13 Mar 19 - Atmospheric physicist Professor James Renwick is struggling with the idea that the world might really delay action on climate change to the point of disaster.

New solar panel makes hydrogen to heat homes

8 Mar 19 - Scientists in Belgium have invented a solar panel that produces hydrogen as a source of fuel to heat homes.

Filters could capture CO2 in the air

6 Mar 19 - Billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide could be removed from the air with special filters, scientists say.

More and more, scientists need backup of the volunteer army

27 Feb 19 - Research by citizen scientists is coming into its own, providing a critical tool for monitoring endangered species and documenting environmental changes sweeping the planet.

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