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Investors chip in as renewables rise toward record level

13 Apr 15 - Carbon dioxide levels might be soaring, and governments might be slow to reduce fossil fuel emissions and contain climate change, but the smart money could nevertheless be going into renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

An economy focused solely on growth is unsustainable

13 Apr 15 - Most world leaders seem to believe that economic growth is a panacea for many of societyís problems.

Hydrogen moves could trigger $44 billion green economy, says Toshiba

7 Apr 15 - The carbon-neutral hydrogen economy will be worth more than $44 billion by 2030, says Toshiba Corporation.

BPís extreme climate forecast puts energy giant in a bind

7 Apr 15 - BPís annual Energy Outlook report details the results from modelling of what it sees as the ďmost likelyĒ energy scenario out to 2035.

Water crisis pushes Brazil toward solar power at last

7 Apr 15 - Brazilís long-running drought could have the unexpected consequence of finally prompting one of the sunniest countries in the world to take solar power seriously.

New ocean energy plan could worsen global warming

7 Apr 15 - One of renewable energyís more outspoken enthusiasts has delivered bad news for the prospects of developing ocean thermal energy. His prediction is that although the technology could work for a while, after about 50 years it could actually exacerbate long-term global warning.

Energy promoters adopt Dragons' Den concept

7 Apr 15 - United States companies with energy-efficiency ideas in need of capital are heading to a new Dragons' Den-type deal room.

Govt opens doors to new oil and gas exploration

30 Mar 15 - The Government is calling for energy companies to explore the potential of more than 400,000 square kilometres of land and sea, maintaining that oil and gas have a role to play in a low-carbon world.

Third thermal station finds competition too much

Power-less ... Southdown to be dismantled.

30 Mar 15 - A third thermal power station is closing because it canít compete economically against renewables.

New tandem solar cells pave way for better solar

30 Mar 15 - Maximizing the efficiency of converting sunlight to electricity was the primary goal for much of the history of solar power industry. Because solar cells were so expensive to make, they were used...

Wynyard scheme adopts green rating

30 Mar 15 - A new housing development in Aucklandís Wynyard Quarter will be the first to use the new 7 Homestar environmental rating.

Old King Coal is sick ... but not yet dying

23 Mar 15 - A global investigation into every coal-fired power plant proposed in the past five years shows that only one in three of them has actually been built.

Why is low-carbon energy innovation so slow? You can thank Economics 101

23 Mar 15 - The world needs a lot of energy. Global energy demand is expected to increase by 37 per cent percent over the next 25 years, according to the International Energy Agencyís World Energy Outlook 2014.

Powerful wind blows through US energy sector

23 Mar 15 - By KIERAN COOKE.- The wind turbines are turning across America, and a major report by the US Department of Energy says the wind energy sector now supplies 4.5 per cent of the nationís electricity.

Why is pumping CO2 underground stuck in second gear?

16 Mar 15 - There are many uncertainties with respect to global climate change, but there is one thing about which I have no doubts: we will not solve climate change by running out of fossil fuels.

Whatever happened to the great European fracking boom?

16 Mar 15 - The European shale gas boom has not materialised in the way that some were predicting.

Biobattery breakthrough boosts waste-to-energy revolution

9 Mar 15 - Competition to make biofuels out of waste products that would otherwise have to be dumped is creating a fast-growing, worldwide industry.

Four ways to boost Australiaís economy and help the climate

9 Mar 15 - Australia likely has several decades of coal left in it.

How artificial lagoons can be used to harvest energy from the tides

9 Mar 15 - The search for alternative energy sources in the age of climate change has overlooked tidal energy: a vast and unexploited worldwide resource.

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