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Brazil leads South American renewable energy charge

Monday - Brazil will spearhead renewable energy development in South America to 2017, as the continent changes its energy profile.

Tesla's battery power could give Nevada a $100b jolt

Tesla's Powerwall.

18 May 15 - The new Tesla Motors factory being built outside Sparks, Nevada, was already on tap to produce 500,000 electric car batteries and become the largest battery factory in the world when chief executive Elon Musk announced last month it would also produce the potentially revolutionary home battery, the Powerwall.

Oceans generate rising tide of renewables ideas

La Rance tidal barrage in France.

18 May 15 - A race is on worldwide to harness the tides and waves for electrical power, with more than 100 different devices being tested by companies hoping to make a commercial breakthrough.

Why falling oil prices should not undermine investment in green energy

18 May 15 - When the price of crude oil dropped from US$110 a barrel in mid-2014 to below US$50 by January 2015, there were fears that it would destroy the “green revolution”.

Islands switch to solar power

Penrhyn now powered up.

18 May 15 - Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna have officially opened solar arrays on the islands of Penrhyn and Manihiki this week, and marked the completion of the Cook Islands Solar Project.

We've got the chance to turn green into gold

11 May 15 - New Zealand could turn “green into gold” by capitalising on emerging clean technologies and showing leadership on climate change.

'PM's bank' pulls back from coal investments

John Key ... interest in bank.

11 May 15 - A company in which Prime Minister John Key is a shareholder is reducing coal investment because of the risk of financial exposure.

It's simple, says action group, coal's day is done

4 May 15 - Just five solar-power installation companies could create as many jobs as the Rotowaru coal mine, a new analysis says.

Southern project shows way with wood-fired boilers

4 May 15 - A pilot project to encourage industrial users to switch to wood-fired boilers could cut greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 200,000 tonnes.

Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

Another way to reduce the carbon balance: trees

4 May 15 - At many universities and other institutions, heartfelt campaigns are under way to divest from fossil fuel companies as a way to address climate change.

Teslas, in one place at least, aren’t greener than diesels

Tesla Model S ... mean, and green?

4 May 15 - By NIRAJ LAL.- The Tesla in front of me was shiny, sleek and silent, but my daydreams were interrupted with a question: does a Tesla charged by Australian electricity emit less CO2 per kilometre...

Commitment to end flaring is boost for climate talks

4 May 15 - Companies and governments responsible for 40 per cent of global gas flaring have made a commitment to stop their climate-damaging activities within the next 15 years.

NZ emissions figures worse than average, says report

28 Apr 15 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions trend from energy is worse than the OECD average, a new report says.

LanzaTech lines up more commercial plants

28 Apr 15 - LanzaTech, the New Zealand-founded carbon recycling company, says it has other full-scale commercial plants in the pipeline following this week’s announcement that China Steel Corp will invest US$46...

Major changes in store for electricity industry

Storage reservoir for a pumped-water hydroelectricity plant on Zar mountain, southern Poland.

28 Apr 15 - Inventors are in a race to find the best way of storing electricity to make the most of renewables and cut the use of fossil fuels.

Scientists again raise carbon storage hopes

28 Apr 15 - Two groups of US scientists are exploring new ways of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Power giant to dump coal-fired stations and go green

20 Apr 15 - Australia's second-largest power company says it will close its coal-fired power stations by 2050 and concentrate on developing renewable energy.

Big Oil faces new pressure to disclose climate risk

20 Apr 15 - A $2 trillion group of investors have asked regulators to force oil and gas companies to provide more disclosures about climate-related risks to their businesses.

Battery costs drop even faster as electric car sales keep rising

20 Apr 15 - The cost of batteries is one of the major hurdles standing in the way of widespread use of electric cars and household solar batteries.

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Battery-maker claims world first

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