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Smoke from bushfires killed hundreds

Thursday - Smoke from Australia’s recent bushfires killed hundreds of people and sent thousands to hospitals and emergency rooms, according to a new study.

Australian leaders told to get on with it

20 Mar 20 - Australia’s Government has been told to implement comprehensive climate-change policies in the national interest.

Green turns brown as the ecosystem suffers

17 Mar 20 - The drought in eastern Australia drove the recent bushfires but it also caused another, less well- known, environmental calamity: entire hillsides of trees turned from green to brown.

NSW makes life easier for electric vehicles

16 Mar 20 - New South Wales is aiming for a more-efficient transport future by encouraging electric vehicle uptake in its just-announced Net Zero Plan.

Burning gas “worse than coal” for climate

12 Mar 20 - Emissions from natural gas have been dangerously underestimated and it was wrong to treat gas as a “transition fuel” in the shift away from coal, according to an Australian think-tank.

Expert debunks myth about e-car emissions

10 Mar 20 - Dutch electric vehicle expert Auke Hoekstra has cut through the latest claims of renowned climate denialist Bjorn Lomborg, published at the weekend by The Australian, on the emissions from electric vehicles.

Morrison stops funding international collaboration

9 Mar 20 - The Morrison government has told researchers at two of Australia’s leading universities it will break a commitment to fund an international collaboration into what is required to shift to a zero emissions future.

Australia's summers getting longer

3 Mar 20 - Australia’s summers are getting longer and winters have become shorter as a result of global heating, according to a new report.

Logging is the last thing fire-forests need

2 Mar 20 - The New South Wales’ Forestry Corporation this week will start “selective timber harvesting” from two state forests ravaged by bushfire on the state’s south coast.

Morrison to encourage plastics recycling

2 Mar 20 - The Australian government will use its procurement policy to encourage the recycling of plastics, as well as committing financial assistance for upgrading infrastructure to boost the capacity for...

Australia's carbon emissions fall just 0.3%

25 Feb 20 - Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have dipped slightly on the back of new clean energy and a sharp fall from agriculture due to drought, but the decline was almost entirely wiped out by surging...

How these big polluters are free to up emissions

24 Feb 20 - The Australian Coalition Government's safeguards mechanism was meant to stop rises in industrial emissions cancelling out cuts paid for by taxpayers – but it’s a colossal failure.

Hydrogen gas study for towns wins funding

24 Feb 20 - By ANDREW SPENCE | Adelaide-based Australian Gas Networks has been awarded $1.28 million in Federal Government funding to support a study into introducing renewable hydrogen into South Australian and...

Morrison backs technology over taxation

Scott Morrison

19 Feb 20 - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described a report he might adopt a technology investment target to avoid signing up to a commitment of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as...

Climate change already hurting Aust, says reserve bank

17 Feb 20 - Australia’s leading economic regulator has warned that climate change is already having a “profound” effect on the Australian economy, dragging down production, the value of Australian exports and...

Parcels might join people on city buses

17 Feb 20 - Sydney is looking at using its public transport system to cut the number of delivery vans clogging its streets.

Renewables to power outback mine

14 Feb 20 - By ANDREW SPENCE | Australian mining company Oz Minerals plans to power its proposed West Musgrave copper nickel mine in central Australia with up to 80 per cent renewables.

Record growth sends Australia's emissions soaring

12 Feb 20 - Emissions from Australia’s largest industrial emitters have surged to 60 per cent above 2005 levels, thanks to record growth in the oil and gas, transport and mining sectors, analysts say.

Bushfire towns find water contaminated

12 Feb 20 - Communities affected by the Australian bushfires are starting to reckon with a complex, expensive aftermath: the threat to their drinking water.

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