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To instantly calculate your liabilities for de-foresting pre-1990 land try ValueADD's caculator: The NZ Government site dealing with forestry is here.

Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

Monday - The Government is sticking to its guns – forest planting is down because of the cyclical nature of the industry, and not because carbon prices are too low to encourage planting.

Memo Jo: Foresters need a bit more than praise

Paul Nicholls ... real carbon price, please.

23 Mar 15 - Forest owners want the Government to put its money where its mouth is on sustainable forestry – and are gathering the numbers to back their case.

Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

23 Mar 15 - The economic benefits of wiping out possums, rats, mice and mustelids in New Zealand would outweigh the costs, latest research shows.

Forest planting heads for even more pitiful levels

16 Mar 15 - Forest planting levels could be even lower than last year’s pitiful level, says leading forestry company PF Olsen.

Foresters draw up wishlist for ETS review

Tim Groser ... no word on review.

16 Mar 15 - The Emissions Trading Scheme review is likely to be pushed into next year, forest owners say.

Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

16 Mar 15 - Finland has launched a research centre for the refining of biomass into biochemicals as part of the country’s drive to double its bio-economy.

Beehive breaking our climate change pledge

9 Mar 15 - Latest figures show that New Zealand is not planting enough trees to meet its climate change pledges, and a carbon forestry expert says that the Government is to blame.

World wood production just grows and grows

22 Dec 14 - Global wood production has recovered from the economic downturn of 2008-2009 and is showing steady growth for the fourth consecutive year.

Launchpad jury likes wilding pines project

17 Nov 14 - Taking an environmental problem and turning it into a commercial success has seen a Queenstown social enterprise team taken under the wing of a business incubator.

Anxious foresters await review of foreign credits ban

13 Oct 14 - A controversial decision to make foresters the only emitters banned from using cheap foreign carbon credits to offset their greenhouse gas emissions is under review.

Controlling deforestation will take more than words

6 Oct 14 - There was little at the recent UN Climate Summit in New York in the way of new climate policy announcements, but 27 countries did sign a new forest agreement — the New York Declaration on Forests.

Forest owners welcome return of grant scheme

1 Sep 14 - Forest owners are welcoming the reinstatement of the Afforestation Grant Scheme – but say that lifting carbon prices would reverse deforestation overnight.

Foresters like look of climate commission

1 Sep 14 - Forest owners like the Labour Party's plan to set up an independent climate commission.

Sarawak’s logging roads would go round the Earth … twice

Once were jungle ... a spider-web of logging roads in the Baram River area of northern Sarawak.

1 Sep 14 - Sarawak’s logging companies, known for their unsustainable practices, have created a road network 88,111 km long in the Malaysian state’s rainforest, says a protest group.

Frustrated forest owners quit trading scheme

4 Aug 14 - More than 750 owners of post-1989 forests left the Emissions Trading Scheme over the past year as New Zealand’s net forestation rate plummeted.

Foresters leave scheme

27 Jun 14 - Forty-seven participants left the Emissions Trading Scheme over the past year.

The many reasons why wood is the way to go

27 Jun 14 - By CHAD OLIVER, Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Director of the Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry, Yale University.- Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it would be...

Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

30 May 14 - A litigator turned forest manager says that the Government’s surprise move to close an arbitrage loophole for forest owners could be legally challenged.

New environment rules keep foresters in line

16 May 14 - A new standard provides forest owners and managers with environmental, economic, social, and cultural criteria that support the sustainable management of forests.

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