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The future of Big Oil? At Shell, it's not oil

Thursday - At Australia’s Curtis Island, you can see Big Oil morphing into Big Gas. Just off the northeastern coast lies a 667-acre liquefied natural gas terminal owned by Royal Dutch Shell, an engineering feat of staggering complexity.

Offshore windfarms power ahead in Europe

Wednesday - Falling costs mean that power generated by offshore wind farms is becoming increasingly competitive with other fuels – and that’s good news for the climate.

Drones set to play big role in change to renewables

Wednesday - Energy providers are looking at the emergent technology of drones to help them with their day-to-day maintenance of renewables installations and to decrease their costs.

America's booming marijuana industry is an energy hog

Wednesday - As Americans go to the polls in November, at least four states will consider ballot questions on marijuana legalisation.

Monkey business threatening India's solar development

Monday - Indian officials are looking into offering insurance for solar panel owners that would cover natural disasters, extreme weather, theft ... and monkey damage.

POWER STRUGGLE: Why the energy market doesn't work

15 Jul 16 - The energy market must be fundamentally redesigned to deal with climate change, say the authors of two studies comparing the impacts of photovoltaics and fossil fuels supply chains.

New energy putting a dent in emissions

15 Jul 16 - Americans are using less electricity as buildings become more energy-efficient and industrial power demand weakens.

POWER SHOCK: Just how climate friendly are we?

14 Jul 16 - New Zealand’s electricity generation might not be as climate friendly as we think.

Three reasons to be cheerful about the 1.5deg target

14 Jul 16 - The recent streak of record-breaking temperatures has shown that climate change is not waiting for the world to take decisive action.

Hotel installs biggest rooftop solar array in US

14 Jul 16 - The largest rooftop solar array in the United States has been installed on top of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

LEDs lighting the way on our streets

13 Jul 16 - New Zealand is switching to LED lighting.

No worries, says Republican Party, coal is clean

13 Jul 16 - The Republican National Convention's draft platform officially describes coal as "an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource."

Meet the woman who took on Canada’s tar sand barons

12 Jul 16 - Canada’s tar sand fields remind environmentalist Tzeporah Berman of Mordor, the evil land of fire and death in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

BONUS BILLION: Our untouched energy potential

Mike Underhill

11 Jul 16 - New Zealand businesses have a billion dollars worth of unrealised energy efficiency potential, says the head of the country’s energy conservation authority.

World's largest storage battery will power LA

11 Jul 16 - More than 18,000 lithium ion battery packs could replace a gas-fired power plant used to meet peak demand in Los Angeles.

Electric Highway to expand in UK

11 Jul 16 - Ecotricity will start charging electric car drivers for using its British Electric Highway – Europe’s most comprehensive car charging network.

Fonterra signs on as biodiesel pioneer

8 Jul 16 - Dairy co-operative Fonterra has signed up as the first customer for Z Energy’s new biodiesel.

More companies looking beyond lightbulbs

8 Jul 16 - More companies are showing an interest in generating all of their energy and installing microgrids for the best available resiliency.

How nuclear records paper over the flaws

7 Jul 16 - The nuclear industry is celebrating breaking records that have stood for a quarter of a century − but a new update on its successes still fails to disperse the clouds over its future.

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