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Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

Tuesday - A report that says switching to electric vehicles will do more to prevent climate change than would installing solar panels was funded by the big generators and lines companies with a vested interest in keeping solar out of the industry, says the head of an energy company using solar panels to generate power for its customers.

Oil majors tread cautiously toward renewables

Tuesday - The big oil companies’ on-off affair with renewable energies seems to be back on track.

Coal-giant shareholders vote for disclosure

Tuesday - Glencore investors have agreed that the largest exporter of coal burned for power should provide more information on risks to its business from growing levels of government legislation to tackle climate change.

Proud Portugal just set a renewable energy record

Monday - Portugal last week set a record for renewable energy use. Through a combination of hydroelectric, solar, and wind power, electricity use in the country was completely covered for four consecutive days.

Indonesia deepens reliance on coal power

Friday - Indonesia, already one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters, plans to build a further 100 coal-fired power stations by 2019.

Europe has high hopes for smart meters

Friday - Europe’s move to replace at least 80 per cent of electricity meters with smart meters could cut greenhouse gas emissions in the region by 9 per cent.

Outcry as Norway opens new areas to exploration

Friday - Norway has warded Arctic drilling licences to 13 oil companies, including in a hitherto unexplored part of the Barents Sea, drawing condemnation from environmental groups.

Energy awards show what the country can do

Big winner ... the Project Litefoot Trust

Thursday - Innovations worth 1.2 petajoules of energy and 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were honoured in Auckland last night.

Glad tidings for the potential of sea power

Thursday - Two countries with the highest tides in the world, Canada and the UK, both claim to be the world leaders in creating electricity from the tides.

Europe needs independent carbon market regulator

Thursday - Europe needs an independent carbon market regulator with clear objectives rather than the current mix of state administrators and the European Commission that has complicated the market, says the...

Renewables leaving natural gas in the dust

Thursday - In the first three months of 2016, the U.S. grid added 18 megawatts of new natural gas generating capacity. It added a whopping 1291MW of new renewables.The renewables were primarily wind (707 MW)...

China dominates wind turbine installation

18 May 16 - Nearly half of the new wind turbines installed last year were in China, latest data shows.

It's more bad news for carbon capture

17 May 16 - Coal powered much of the industrial revolution and continues to fuel economic growth in developing nations, including China and India.

Shell creates green energy division

17 May 16 - Shell has established a separate division, New Energies, to invest in renewable and low-carbon power.

Largest floating windfarm to be built off Scotland

17 May 16 - The world’s largest floating windfarm is set to be built off the coast of Scotlandafter its developers were granted a seabed lease yesterday.

Facebook, Microsoft give clean energy a boost

17 May 16 - Facebook and Microsoft are joining forces with environmental groups to promote the development of 60 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2025.

Angry climate campaigners aim at bank coffers

16 May 16 - Climate campaigners are looking to hit banks investing in fossil-fuel operations where it hurts – the bottom line.

Vanadium the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy

16 May 16 - An unheralded metal could become a crucial part of the renewables revolution. Vanadium is used in new batteries which can store large amounts of energy almost indefinitely, perfect for remote wind or...

UK energy from coal hits zero for first time in 100 years

16 May 16 - The amount of electricity generated from coal in the UK has fallen to zero several times in the past week, grid data shows.

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