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Phasing out fossil fuels more than just a straight swap

Tuesday - To have any chance of preventing dangerous climate change, the world needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero or even negative by mid-century.

US coal use down in nearly every state

Monday - Coal consumption in the electric power sector has dropped in nearly every state between 2007 and 2015, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Alaska and Nebraska are the two outliers that experienced an increase in coal demand during this time.

Love thy neighbour and feel the power

Friday - A new peer-to-peer solar power platform could see people buying electricity generated by their friends and neighbours.

Venezuela orders two-day week to tackle energy crisis

Friday - Venezuelaís public sector has been ordered to work just two days a week to save energy.

San Diego aims to be largest 100% renewable US city

Friday - San Diego is set to become the largest city in the United States to run on 100 per cent renewable energy after the mayor announced his support for a 2035 target.

Genesis extends life of Huntly coal-fired plant

Thursday - New Zealandís coal-fired power station will remain open until 2022, but Genesis Energy says it is still committed to closing it.

We can survive without oil, says Saudi

26 Apr 16 - Saudi Arabiaís cabinet has approved Vision 2030, a package of economic reforms designed to reduce dependence on oil revenues.

San Francisco demands solar panels on new buildings

22 Apr 16 - San Francisco has unanimously passed legislation that would require new construction that is shorter than 10 floors to install solar panels or solar water heaters on top of both new residential and...

US-Canada pact eases Arctic drilling fears

21 Apr 16 - Low oil prices have reduced pressure to exploit Arctic fossil fuels and boosted hopes that the regionís fragile environment and indigenous people may be better protected.

Millions must choose between eating and heating

21 Apr 16 - An estimated 54 million Europeans suffer from energy poverty, according to a European Commission analysis, which blames rising prices, low income and energy inefficient homes for forcing people to...

Z Energy's biodiesel plant strikes gold

20 Apr 16 - Z Energyís $26 million dollar biodiesel plant has earned it gold membership of the Bioenergy Association.

Nuclear costs are travelling in uncharted territory

20 Apr 16 - As some governments press on with new nuclear installations to address climate change, a multi-billion dollar industry will be needed to make safe old power plants and their hazardous waste.

Australian partners want $1b for clean energy move

20 Apr 16 - AustraliaĀfs Clean Energy Finance Corporation and infrastructure manager Palisade have announced a partnership to attract investment of $1 billion in clean energy projects.

Australia's air pollution increases 69%

19 Apr 16 - Air quality across Australia has deteriorated to alarming levels with the coal industry the nation's worst polluter, new data has shown.

Japanís emissions fall to three-year low

19 Apr 16 - Japanís greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to a three-year low due to growing use of renewable energy and reduced power demand.

Forgetting fossil fuels a turning point in history

18 Apr 16 - The head of a global philanthropic foundation says that the world turning away from fossil fuels is a critical moment in human history, akin to the abolition of slavery.

World Bank head warns against new coal plants

18 Apr 16 - The planet is in a race against time to stop construction of new coal-fired power plants across the globe, Word Bank head Jim Kim has told media.

Biggest coal company files for bankruptcy

15 Apr 16 - Peabody Energy, the worldís largest privately owned coal company, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following a significant downturn in the coal market that left the company saddled with debt.

Solar sets UK record by beating coal for a day

15 Apr 16 - The sun provided British homes and businesses with more power than coal-fired power stations for 24 hours last weekend.

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