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Fracking boom could mean up to 12% more carbon emissions

Monday - The consistent message from those who would seek to exploit shale gas is that it has three distinct advantages over existing forms of fossil fuel energy: it is cheap, it has a lower influence on global warming, and it reduces the reliance in foreign imports.

Greenpeace v Shell via Lego: The building blocks of a successful campaign

Monday - October 9, 2014, was a big day in eco-activism: Lego announced that it would not renew a product-placement deal with Shell, following concerted pressure from Greenpeace as part of a campaign to ban Arctic oil exploration by attacking firms associated with such activities.

Solar chief: Thereís no cost to solar energy, only savings

Lyndon Rive ... solar education the issue

Monday - SolarCity Corp, the United Statesí largest residential solar service provider, has a history of pushing the envelope.

Outlook palls for fossil fuel investment

Monday - Warnings within the world of high finance are coming thick and fast that the increasingly urgent need to combat climate change means investors could lose heavily by sinking funds into coal, oil and gas.

Donít get too excited, no one has cracked nuclear fusion yet

Monday - Aerospace giant Lockheed Martinís excitement in the media announcement last week that it could make small-scale nuclear fusion power a reality in the next decade has understandably generated

WANTED: $44 trillion to switch to clean energy

David Elzinga ... people need answers.

13 Oct 14 - In a world wrestling with climate change and the need to phase out fossil fuels, nothing is more critical than making sure there are reliable and cost-effective clean energy technologies ready to fill the void.

World of clean energy 'feasible' by mid-century

13 Oct 14 - A global low-carbon energy economy is not only feasible, it could double electricity supply by 2050 while actually reducing air and water pollution, according to new research.

Shift to low-carbon economy could free up $1.8 trillion

Solar power stations in Andalusia, Spain.

13 Oct 14 - Decarbonising the electricity system worldwide would save $1.8 trillion over the coming two decades by avoiding the high operating costs of using fossil fuels, a new study finds.

Europe throws nuclear power a state-aid lifeline

Britain's Hinckley B nuclear power station.

13 Oct 14 - The European Commission has now agreed that Britain can subsidise the building of the worldís most expensive nuclear power station − despite previously believing that the deal breaks the...

Chinaís mythical coal habit is no excuse for climate inaction

13 Oct 14 - By MAREK KUBIC.- Iíve heard it many a time, and you probably have, too. Itís supposedly the trump card to any argument on addressing climate change globally: ďYeah, but whatís the point? Isnít China...

VUW researchers work on better solar systems

13 Oct 14 - Victoria University of Wellington researchers are part of a worldwide effort to design cheaper and more efficient solar energy materials.

Renewables make mark on emissions figures

29 Sep 14 - Increasing generation from renewables is continuing to drive a massive drop in greenhouse gas emissions from electricity in New Zealand.

Do something, big business warns political leaders

29 Sep 14 - Many of the biggest hitters in the global financial community, together managing an eye-watering $24 trillion of investment funds, have issued a powerful warning to political leaders about the risks...

Unhappy power consumers eye solar generation

29 Sep 14 - Nearly two-thirds of New Zealanders would like to say goodbye to their power companies and generate their own electricity.

Have a say in energy development

29 Sep 14 - New Zealanders can have a say on the type of energy development they want, thanks to a Victoria University summer project.

Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

29 Sep 14 - When we think of renewable energy, itís easy to picture spinning wind turbines or rooftop solar panels. But what about bioenergy?

How renewables can lead to prosperity and jobs

22 Sep 14 - A new handbook shows how forward-looking communities around the world are already moving away from reliance on fossil fuels and generating their own power with 100 per cent renewables − while...

LED street lights could be 50% cheaper

22 Sep 14 - Installing LED lights in streets could halve energy consumption from street lighting, the governmentís energy efficiency agency says.

Solid Energy needs extension of guarantee

22 Sep 14 - Commercially troubled state coal miner Solid Energy requires an extension of a government guarantee to meet the $103 million future cost of returning mined land to its pre-mined condition in order to...

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Sustainability graduates make their mark

7 Mar 14 - Now in its fourth year, Otago Polytechnicís Graduate Programmes in Sustainable...

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