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Bill Shorten ... regrettable attention.

Shorten pleads for G20 to talk climate crisis

Friday - Australian Opposition leader Bill Shorten has taken his battle with Prime Minister Tony Abbott over climate policy to an international stage, saying the issue should be a priority for the G20 leaders' meeting in Brisbane.

PHEW! We sweated it out last winter, the hottest on record

Friday - Last winter was New Zealand's warmest on record, says the latest international report on global climate.

Latest scientific data shows how world is warming

Friday - Most worldwide climate indicators last year continued to reflect trends of a warmer planet, according to the State of the Climate in 2013 report, released this week by the American Meteorological Society.

Germany and Britain top the Dirty 30

Dirty 30 ... coal-powered plant in Nottinghamshire.

Friday - By KIERAN COOKE.- Itís not the sort of league table that anyone is proud of leading, but a new report on the European Unionís power sector lists the EUís 30 most polluting energy plants Ė all powered by coal.

Greening needs workers, says UN labour chief

Friday - The world does not have to choose between job creation and preserving the environment, says a senior United Nations labour official.

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

Friday - * Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars, says expert * Small Colorado town picks big-time fight over fracking * Fremantle bans plastic bags and imposes fines of up to $2500 * Sainsburyís announces £200 million corporate green loan to invest in carbon reduction * World Council of Churches says it will not invest in fossil fuels * The strange relationship between global warming denial and speaking English

Tech advances will impact jobs, says report

Friday - More than half of the jobs in the European Unionís 28 member states will be impacted significantly by advances in technology over the coming decades, according to calculations by the thinktank Bruegel.

Big thinking, fresh thinking key to our future

Friday - Imagine being able to contain greenhouse gas emissions, make fertiliser use more efficient, keep water waste to a minimum, and put food on the table for the 10 billion people crowded into the...

The pre-Holocene climate is returning Ė and it wonít be fun

Friday - A string of events earlier this year provided a sobering snapshot of a global climate system out of whack. Europe suffered devastating floods, Britain's coastline was mauled, and the polar vortex...

Europe lacks courage on energy targets

Friday - In proposing a 30 per cent rather than a 40 per cent energy demand reduction target, the European Commission is increasing the risks that European Union member states face from fossil-fuel dependence...

$4 is the new $3

Wednesday - There is fresh bidding coming into the market from several sources. OMFinancial reports

Speculators start to return to NZU market

Tuesday - A quiet start to the week for NZUs, with spot trading at $4 on small volume. OMFinancial reports.

What is the future of coal? It depends on which part of the world youíre talking about

18 Jul 14 - Have reports of coal's demise been greatly exaggerated? It depends which part of the world you look at.

Europe could pay huge climate price, says report

18 Jul 14 - A failure to act to reduce the impacts of climate change could cost Europe dear in lives lost and economic damage, according to a European Commission study.

Waste disposal becomes critical as nuclear sites close

18 Jul 14 - Nuclear power is seen as one of the possible solutions to climate change, but the recent closure of five US power stations is forcing the industry to face up at last to the damaging legacy of how to...

Carbon tax repeal could leave businesses marooned

18 Jul 14 - In the short term, the repeal of Australia's carbon tax, passed in the Senate yesterday, may provide some relief for businesses and households as electricity bills fall ó although possibly not as...

Study shows Australian emissions cuts were working

18 Jul 14 - Carbon emissions in Australiaís national electricity market would have been 11 to 17 million tonnes higher if Australia had not introduced a carbon price.

Believe it, Mr Abbott, climate change is hurting Australia

18 Jul 14 - the Australian prime minister may be scathing about climate science, but new research shows that burning fossil fuels is a significant factor in the long-term rainfall decline that is leaving...

ETS pay-off puts millions into climate projects

18 Jul 14 - The sale of carbon credits for the first time will finance projects that help to tackle climate change.

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