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BIKEBAHN: Germany building world’s biggest bicycle highway

Today 10:00am - With the rise of popularity of e-bikes, Germany is building the world’s biggest bicycle “autobahn” of 62-miles, connecting 10 cities.

Brexit hot air causes climate project problems

Today 10:00am - The shock waves felt round the world at the UK’s decision in a referendum to leave the European Union will have unexpected consequences for some major projects linked to climate change.

Amber Rudd: UK will be a climate leader post-Brexit

Today 10:00am - Addressing clean energy investors in London, Britain’s climate and energy chief Amber Rudd struck a bullish tone after last week’s vote to leave the European Union.

Paris targets aren’t enough, but we can close the gap

Today 10:00am - The Paris climate agreement saw countries pledge to limit global warming to well below 2degC, and to aim to keep it within 1.5deg. The problem is that countries' current emissions targets are not enough to meet these goals.

MEPs try to stop emissions bill falling into Polish hands

Today 10:00am - MEPs are trying to stop the stewardship of EU emissions trading legislation falling into the hands of a coal-supporting Polish member of the European Parliament.

Ozone hole appears to be healing, scientists say

Today 10:00am - The vast hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica appears to be healing, scientists say, putting the world on track to eventually remedy one of the biggest environmental concerns of the 1980s and 90s.

It's all bad news for penguins

Today 10:00am - About a third of Adelie penguin colonies in Antarctica could disappear in the next four decades due to human caused global warming, a figure that could balloon to more than half by the end of the century.

Gases tracker tells a tale

Thursday - Want to get a handle on the nature of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions? Have a look at the Ministry for the Environment’s new emissions tracker.

TRASH TO TREASURE: Mining waste can be mined again

Thursday - Mines typically follow a set path from prospecting, to development, to extraction and finally closure as the finite resources are exhausted. But does that really need to be the end of the mine’s...

Why naming and shaming cities is a terrible idea

Thursday - New data on urban air quality from the World Health Organisation recently led Onitsha, Nigeria, to be given the title of “most polluted city” in the world.

Why electric cars need to boost market share

Thursday - Electric vehicles will need to increase their combined market share to 16 per cent by 2020 to achieve the aggressive fuel economy standards set by regulators, according to new research by the World...

Options show how badly Brexit could hurt EU market

Thursday - Brexit is sending prices in the European Union carbon market lower, and options traders expect it to get worse.

Moody's will use Paris to assess corporate risk

Thursday - Moody's Investors Service will use national climate action commitments put forward as part of the Paris Agreement in its analysis of the credit implications of carbon transition risk.

UK to approve world-leading emissions target

Thursday - UK ministers will this week approve a world-leading carbon emissions reduction target for the early 2030s.

Sydney sets sights on zero carbon by 2050

Wednesday - Sydney says it will have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and that half its electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030.

Government makes energy-use facts available

Wednesday - Three years’ worth of information on New Zealand’s energy use is now available to the public.

Africa has key role to play, say carbon traders

Wednesday - Africa will play a critical role in the spread of carbon markets, says International Emissions Trading Association president Dirk Forrister.

New York facing thousands of heat deaths

Wednesday - The number of "hot days" in New York City will triple, which is likely to bring about thousands of heat-related deaths by the year 2080, says a new report.

How China can harness wind of change

Wednesday - Strategically siting wind turbines where their energy can most easily be fed into the national grid could help to meet more than a quarter of China’s massive electricity demand.

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