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Why NZ doesn't need foreign carbon credits

Monday - New Zealand could meet its Paris Agreement pledge without using foreign carbon credits and develop a $6 billion industry at the same time, says the Bioenergy Association.

US students pressure Auckland to divest

Monday - Auckland University is now under pressure from students at US university Yale to get out of fossil-fuel investments.

PARIS PACT: Morganists say NZ must sell units

Friday - The Government must cancel all surplus carbon units it’s sitting on in 2020 as part of ratifying the Paris Agreement, says the group that wrote the Climate Cheats report.

PARIS PACT: Farmers play it short and sweet

Friday - Federated Farmers has surprisingly little to say about the Paris Agreement – and that’s possibly a good sign for the climate.

PARIS PACT: Gen Zero does the job for MPs

Friday - A group of twenty-somethings has fronted up to hardened politicians and told them not to worry, they’re drafting a Zero Carbon Act for them.

Why we might have trouble phasing out HFCs

Airconditioners in action

Friday - New Zealand is among more than 100 countries calling for an early phase-out of use of the potent greenhouse gas hydroflourocarbon – which could be a challenge, because this country’s use of it appears to be rising.

Countries rush to ratify Paris Agreement

Thursday - A host of countries has ratified the Paris Agreement overnight, pushing the climate change treaty past one of the thresholds that need to be met to bring it into force.

NZ mulls over stand on aviation emissions

Thursday - New Zealand is considering its position on international plans to reduce the aviation industry’s impact on the climate.

No way, Nick, you can't claim credit for the ETS

Nick Smith

Thursday - The Government is doing it again – claiming to have introduced the Emissions Trading Scheme when it actually voted against it.

Study sees carbon price reaching $60 by 2030

Wednesday - Carbon could be $60 a tonne by 2030, boosting renewables and fuelling a drive toward energy efficiency, a new report shows.

Ukraine ratifies Paris Agreement

Wednesday - Ukraine – the source of many of the low-value carbon credits that have so embarrassed the New Zealand Government – is the latest country to ratify the Paris Agreement.

We need a million electric vehicles, says report

20 Sep 16 - New Zealand needs 1.2 million light electric vehicles on the road by 2030 to meet its Paris Agreement emissions reduction target, a report shows.

Minister admits Government can't afford e-cars

Simon Bridges

20 Sep 16 - Government departments are so cash-strapped they can’t afford to buy electric vehicles, the transport minister says.

DUNNE DEAL | United Future offers cash for e-cars

Peter Dunne

19 Sep 16 - One of the Government’s support parties is promising to do what Treasury advised and what the Government has refused to do – offer cash to anyone buying electric vehicles.

Gas emissions (the reported kind) take a dive

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s reported greenhouse gas emissions have fallen drastically.

Agriculture emissions continue to grow

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture continue to climb.

Trading scheme welcomes fewer units

16 Sep 16 - Just 4.6 million NZUs came into the Emissions Trading Scheme last year, new Government figures show.

RAIL v ROAD: Trains still come out in front

16 Sep 16 - Rail will continue to out-perform road transport when it comes to climate change, regardless of whether it’s using electric trains or not, KiwiRail says.

Minister way off mark on EVs, says transport expert

15 Sep 16 - Government suggestions that improved fuel efficiency will get New Zealand’s transport emissions under control are nonsense, an expert says.

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