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Tiwai halves free credits, but still pockets $5m

24 Aug 15 - Tiwai Point aluminium smelter owner New Zealand Aluminium Smelters last year received just half the number of free carbon credits it got the previous year.

New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

24 Aug 15 - More of New Zealandís post-1989 plantation forests are outside the Emissions Trading Scheme than are in it.

Fishing industry faces quota system review

24 Aug 15 - The Quota Management System for fisheries is to be reviewed.

We need to show off our quality seafood

24 Aug 15 - New Zealand seafood needs a clear, New Zealand-branded validation scheme to take advantage of growing global demand for environmentally sustainable, natural, healthy food, Seafood New Zealand chair George Clement says.

Climate expert gives Anzacs a fail mark

Heads together ... Anzac leaders John Key and Tony Abbott.
Photo Credit: Stuff

17 Aug 15 - Australia has set a post-2020 emissions reduction target as poor as that of New Zealand.

Australia's 'weak' emissions targets don't add up

17 Aug 15 - Australia has a huge gap between its projected and target 2030 emissions, an analyst is warning.

'Myopic focus' costing us climate change progress

17 Aug 15 - New Zealand might have reached the limits of its ability to exploit natural resources, the Labour Party says.

Review ETS after Paris, says climate lawyer

17 Aug 15 - The Emissions Trading Scheme review should be pushed off into next year, a climate change lawyer says.

It's time for packaging that cares about the future

17 Aug 15 - Our Daily Waste founder Dr SHARON McIVER on why how smart businesses are future-proofing by getting rid of plastic packaging now.

Contact to close gas-fired Auckland plant

17 Aug 15 - The 400MW Otahuhu B gas-fired power station will close from the end of next month.

Why coal commitment will cost Fonterra dearly

Protesters give Fonterra a message.

10 Aug 15 - Fonterraís determination to keep using coal is exposing it to future high carbon costs, an international energy expert is warning.

World doesn't have time for pessimism, says IPCC man

Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele ... full of hope.

10 Aug 15 - IPCC deputy chair Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele says he hasnít got time to be pessimistic about whether the world will take action to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Why Tiwai stands between us and 100% renewable energy

Belinda Storey ... price cut $100m.

3 Aug 15 - New Zealand could have 100 per cent renewable electricity generation within a decade if the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter closed.

Caygill sets out on new energy mission

David Caygill ... energy job.

3 Aug 15 - Former Finance Minister David Caygill is to chair the BusinessNZ Energy Council Ė a group of energy companies whose mission is to secure a sustainable energy future for New Zealand.

Water talks aim to get answers

3 Aug 15 - The state of New Zealandís freshwater quality and who is to blame will be debated in Hamilton next week.

Treasury maps out our path to a low-carbon enconomy

27 Jul 15 - A strong carbon price, better urban planning, a climate commission and systematic assessment of how government policies affect climate change would help New Zealandís transition to a low-carbon...

Key: It's our climate policy and we're sticking with it

John Key ... we've got it right.

27 Jul 15 - Prime Minister John Key has rejected calls for cross-party agreement on climate change policy.

Taupo scheme ticking along ... but there are problems

20 Jul 15 - High transaction costs and a lack of liquidity mean that the Lake Taupo Nitrogen Trading Market isnít working as well as it could, researchers say.

Groser pleads special case for animal emissions

Tim Groser ... critical.

20 Jul 15 - New Zealand wants the next global climate change agreement to treat biological gases treated differently from other greenhouse gases.

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