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Andrew Booth

Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

Tuesday - A report that says switching to electric vehicles will do more to prevent climate change than would installing solar panels was funded by the big generators and lines companies with a vested interest in keeping solar out of the industry, says the head of an energy company using solar panels to generate power for its customers.

Punish the dirty drivers, urges e-car advocate

Tuesday - The Government should fine people buying fossil fuel-burning vehicles and give the money to people who buy clean electric vehicles, says Waikato University’s professor of law.

GREEN GOOD: Beware of a business backlash

Tuesday - Making money while doing good for the environment? Be careful how you tell your customers about it, or you might face a backlash.

CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

Monday - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions – the amount it actually contributes to damaging the climate – rose a whopping 56.7 per cent over 24 years in which it was supposed to be cutting emissions, new Government data shows.

Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

Sir Peter Gluckman

Monday - The Prime Minister’s chief science adviser has told a United Nations forum that scientists and policy-makers need to work together on issues like climate change.

Climate food shocks not good news for us, says report

Monday - Climate change-induced food shocks will have a negative effect on New Zealand’s economy, researchers say.

I agree this is serious, Bennett tells scientists

Paula Bennett

Friday - A group of scientists and other prominent New Zealanders has had a reply to a letter accusing the Government of an “indefensible” lack of leadership on climate change.

Energy awards show what the country can do

Big winner ... the Project Litefoot Trust

19 May 16 - Innovations worth 1.2 petajoules of energy and 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were honoured in Auckland last night.

Why funds managers must come clean on climate risks

18 May 16 - Superannuation and other fund managers should be telling customers just how big a risk climate change is to their investments, says the government’s financial markets regulator.

Chairman aside, AMP says it's serious about climate

Simon McKeon

18 May 16 - AMP says it is taking climate change seriously, despite a recent comment from chairman Simon McKeon that suggested otherwise.

ETS ANSWERS: Three ways to make it work

17 May 16 - Bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme, setting an emissions cap, and building cross-party support to cut emissions and lift carbon prices should all be part of the ETS review, says...

Angry climate campaigners aim at bank coffers

16 May 16 - Climate campaigners are looking to hit banks investing in fossil-fuel operations where it hurts – the bottom line.

Memo property investors: You have a climate duty

Emma Herd

13 May 16 - Real estate investors now have a fiduciary duty on climate change, say the authors of a new guide on sustainable real estate investment.

Forest carbon storage risky, warns thinktank

Sir Alan Mark

12 May 16 - Storing carbon in forests is risky and should be used to meet no more than a fifth of New Zealand’s emissions reductions, says a group of prominent scientists and other New Zealanders.

FAIR GO: What to make of our emissions targets

11 May 16 - New Zealand’s post-2020 emissions reduction target is fair - if you don’t expect rich countries to bear the brunt of fixing the climate change problems they’ve caused, a new government paper shows.

How a global carbon price will bring emissions down

11 May 16 - International carbon trading and a single global carbon price will drive deeper emissions cuts than those promised by countries under the Paris Agreement, a new report says.

Bloomberg task force extends deadline

11 May 16 - The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures is extending its deadline for consultation.

Record numbers of NZUs on the move

10 May 16 - More NZUs have moved through the Emissions Unit Registry in the past two months than at any time in the history of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Cow-gas fix no silver bullet for us, says researcher

9 May 16 - A new feed-supplement shown in trials to cut methane emissions from dairy cows by 30 per cent is exciting, but no silver bullet for New Zealand, says the head of the research consortium charged with...

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