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Rising sea levels ... we've been there before

23 Nov 15 - Rising sea levels have been in the news lately, with the release of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report into their likely impact on New Zealand. But while we tend to think of our coastline as fixed, it is anything but.

TPP has good news for environment

Nick Smith ... obligations

19 Oct 15 - Certification that goods are sustainably produced will become more common under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Environment Minister Nick Smith has told Parliament.

Worried health workers call for climate action

Photo Credit: On guard workers concerned about climate

12 Oct 15 - Tens of thousands of New Zealand health workers are calling for New Zealand to take urgent action on climate change, which they say is a critical health issue.

NZ gives to help stop destruction of oceans

12 Oct 15 - New Zealand will contribute $1.8 million to help Pacific island nations to build resilience to ocean acidification as a result of climate change.

Climate threatens Pacific with seesaw sea levels

5 Oct 15 - Scientists say coasts and communities in the Pacific region face more extreme weather hazards as climate change magnifies the devastating El Niño effect.

English off on no-climate-talking tour

Bill English ... on tour.

13 Jul 15 - Finance Minister Bill English is heading to China – but he has no plans to discuss that country’s moves into carbon trading.

Climate gets claws into cats

13 Jul 15 - Climate change will make cats more of an environmental problem in New Zealand, new research suggests.

Quote of the week

Tau Henare

22 Jun 15 - “Even if you drive between here (Auckland) and Huntly you see these lovely beautiful rolling hills, it is green and I don’t take too much truck with people who continually say that we are selling a...

Our universities get a D for divestment

16 Feb 15 - New Zealand universities are among the worst in the world when it comes to divestment from fossil fuel investments, a new report says.

Iwi leaders lose climate change champion

Dr Apirana Mahuika ... influential.

9 Feb 15 - One of New Zealand’s most influential leaders on climate change has died.

It's time to take a good look at ourselves ...

27 Jan 15 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.-This year, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

It’s about more than talking the talk, says award winner

Murray Wu ... adding value.

22 Nov 13 - Sustainability makes good business sense – but talking the talk is not enough, says the winner of the supreme award in this year’s NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.

Tread carefully, these consumers can bite

31 May 13 - By editor ADELIA HALLETT. The power of the consumer has been demonstrated twice in New Zealand this week, with ramifications for business.

Travel firm glad it went green

31 May 13 - A pioneer of sustainable travel in New Zealand says that the move has been good for business.

Why we must target the 2deg limit

9 Dec 11 - Scientists working on the Global Carbon Project have said that despite nearly 15 years of pledges to make cuts, the release of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels is still increasing at a...

Spot CERs at $20.30

10 Dec 10 - The following offer prices from OMFinancial are for up to 100,000 tonnes (minimum 25,000)and are indicative, subject to a price and KYC/counterparty confirmation:

Spot CERs $20.40

8 Dec 10 - The following offer prices are for up to 100,000 tonnes (minimum 25,000) and are indicative, subject to a price and KYC/counterparty confirmation.

Spot CERs nudge up again

7 Dec 10 - The following offer prices from OMFinancial are for up to 100,000 tonnes (minimum 25,000), and are indicative, subject to a price and KYC/counterparty confirmation:

CER price fall slightly

6 Dec 10 - The following CER offer prices from OMFinancial are for up to 100,000 tonnes (minimum 25,000)m indicative and subject to a price and KYC/counterparty confirmation:

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