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United push for Australia to target emissions in covid recovery

Today 11:00am - Australian businesses, unions, investors and environmentalists are joining forces in a call for a covid-19 pandemic economic recovery programme based on energy efficiency.


Today 11:00am - Horizons Regional Council is expected to approve its 2020/21 annual plan today, with $175,000 going to assessing the region’s vulnerability to climate change.

Green New Deal turns South Korea from climate villain to model

Today 11:00am - The country’s youngest MP is on a mission, inspired by Greta Thunberg, as climate moves up political agenda.

German coal generator fights Dutch coal phase-out

Today 11:00am - Uniper is threatening to sue the Dutch government over a plan to phase out coal power by 2030, in a case experts warn could have a chilling effect on climate ambition internationally.

Electric bikes could halve transport emissions

Today 11:00am - Replacing just 20 per cent of car miles travelled with e-bike travel could cut Britain's greenhouse gas emissions from transport by up to eight million tonnes a year, new research shows.

Fires and pandemic a sign of things to come, letter warns

Today 11:00am - Leading health professionals, including a Nobel laureate and a former Australian of the Year, say the Australian Government must put human health “front and centre” in a new generation of environment laws in the aftermath of the Covid-19 and bushfire crises.

It's up to us by how much sea levels will rise

Friday - It’s a racing certainty that sea levels everywhere will go on climbing. Unless the world’s nations act to contain global warming, by 2100 the tides around the world will be one metre higher. And by 2300, they could be five metres higher.

Australian oil and gas producers push back

Friday - Australia’s oil and gas producers have warned against the Morrison government underwriting a massive expansion of the domestic industry, saying the country does not have a gas shortage and...

New solar cells pass global test standards

Friday - Scientists have produced a new generation of experimental solar energy cells that, for the first time, pass strict International Electrotechnical Commission testing standards for heat and humidity.

Climate change turning Antarctica's snow green

Thursday - Warming temperatures in Antarctica are helping the formation and spread of “green snow” that in places can be seen from space.

Denmark proposes two huge ‘energy islands’

Thursday - Denmark plans to build two “energy islands” totalling 4GW of offshore wind capacity, under plans to reduce emissions by 70 per cent from 1990s levels by 2030 and become a green energy exporter.

Supermarket chains threaten Brazil boycott

Thursday - British supermarkets have warned Brazil they might have to boycott its products if lawmakers there pass a contentious bill that could enable faster destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Seattle permanently closes 20 miles of street

Thursday - Seattle has made bold moves to put pedestrians and cyclists first by permanently closing up to 20 miles of roadways to nonessential through traffic to encourage people to exercise safely.

Startups invest $4bn in UK battery factory

Thursday - Two British startups have announced plans to invest as much as $4 billion in building the UK’s first large-scale battery factory, in a move that could prove a major boost to the country’s struggling...


Wednesday - Spot NZUs opened at $24.75 bid and $25.10 offered on the CommTrade platform this morning, after last fixing at $25.00.

Scott Morrison is still Coal-Mo to the core

Wednesday - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just celebrated the first anniversary of his surprise election win in May, 2019. And he’s been getting some glowing reviews from some predictable quarters.

Europe plans for three billion trees in 10 years

Wednesday - The European Commission this week will launch a sweeping effort to tackle the global biodiversity crisis, including a call for three billion trees to be planted by 2030 and a plan to better protect...

Spain sets out to cut gas emissions by 2050

Wednesday - Spain’s Cabinet is set to approve a bill setting out a path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050, putting it on course to join a handful of wealthy nations that have written the...

Nuclear tests affected weather 60 years ago

Wednesday - Cold War nuclear tests did change the weather in the 1960s. The Earth did not catch fire, but a hard rain did begin to fall.

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