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Ten things you should know about climate change ...

Today 9:00am - No 5: Why are scientists are so sure that the warming is human-induced?

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Thursday - No 4: The poles are warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet.

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Wednesday - No 3: The year 2015 was the warmest on record, but the last record cold year was more than a century ago, in 1909.

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Tuesday - No 2: Ninety-three per cent of the heat from humans’ global warming has gone into the ocean, along with 25 per cent of the carbon dioxide.

SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

Tuesday - During the past decade, American scientist Joel Harper has spent nearly a year of his life on the Greenland ice sheet to study how meltwater impacts the movement of the ice.

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Monday - No 1: New Zealand has the longest carbon dioxide record in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sometimes the research doesn't do the job

Monday - Research has shown that models used by economists to calculate the effects of climate change policies can produce polar opposite recommendations.

Soil carbon storage not the fix we thought

23 Sep 16 - Hopes that large amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide could be buried in soils appear to be grossly misplaced, with new research finding that the ground will soak up far less carbon over the...

Dire climate impacts go unheeded

23 Sep 16 - The social and economic impacts of climate change have already begun to take their toll – but most people do not yet know this.

New patent boosts CO2 capture hopes

21 Sep 16 - A technology that could in theory catch 90 per cent of carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations has been patented by US government scientists.

Green glue hailed as gamechanger

20 Sep 16 - An environmentally friendly bioadhesive labelled a gamechanger for the wood panel industry has been named Biotechnology of the Year.

Humans running the show, so let’s make sure we learn

8 Sep 16 - As we head into the Anthropocene epoch, we often stand accused of inadvertently running “global experiments” through our effects on wildlife, food chains, landscapes and the climate.

Auckland chemist strikes gold in biogas breakthrough

Dr Jianyong Jin

7 Sep 16 - A membrane invented in Auckland and worth more than its weight in gold could drastically change biogas production.

A-CHOO!: Warming world set to raise pollen count

7 Sep 16 - Allergic diseases already cause misery for hundreds of millions of people, with serious implications for public health budgets in both developed and developing countries.

Time to move on life-saving soil science solutions

7 Sep 16 - Not many years ago, global health advocates bemoaned the fact that it took decades for life-saving vaccines to become widely accessible in poorer countries. This resulted in the unnecessary deaths of...

Welcome to the Anthropocene epoch ...

30 Aug 16 - Humanity’s impact on the Earth is now so profound that a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene – needs to be declared, according to an official expert group.

Americans face rising hurricane bills

30 Aug 16 - German scientists have just issued a financial weather forecast that in a world of unmitigated climate change, the financial losses for the US per hurricane could triple, and annual losses due to...

Asia gets its own back ... soot, that is

29 Aug 16 - Black carbon – soot particles that absorb sunlight, spread by fossil fuel combustion – are thought to accelerate the thinning of the glaciers of Himalaya and Tibet. Scientists have just identified...

Climate impact of clouds defies simple analysis

24 Aug 16 - Scientists have just been presented with new evidence on how tropical clouds’ climate impact affects rates of global warming, and therefore need to be factored into computer simulations of climate...

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