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Green cities make us feel better, says study

Friday - Urban conservation can save significant amounts of money in health spending, according to Wellington researchers.

Believe it, Mr Abbott, climate change is hurting Australia

Friday - the Australian prime minister may be scathing about climate science, but new research shows that burning fossil fuels is a significant factor in the long-term rainfall decline that is leaving southern regions of the country parched and sweltering.

Cut emissions, say scientists, it's the only way

11 Jul 14 - Once again, American scientists have come to the same conclusion: there really is no alternative. The only way to contain climate change and limit global warming, they say, is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

NZ climate change film goes global

Simon Lamb ... happy film-maker.

11 Apr 14 - A global agreement for the educational market has been secured for the New Zealand film Thin Ice – the Inside Story of Climate Science.

Scientists raise threat of methane in rivers

21 Mar 14 - By TIM RADFORD.- British scientists have identified yet another twist to the threat of global warming. Any further rises in temperature are likely to accelerate the release of methane from rivers, lakes, deltas, bogs, swamps, marshlands and rice paddy fields.

It's going to get warmer, says NASA

14 Mar 14 - A new NASA study shows Earth's climate is likely to continue warming during this century on track with previous estimates - despite the recent slowdown in the rate of global warming.

Did Genghis Khan ride to world domination on the back of climate change?

14 Mar 14 - Climate change – already implicated in the fall of Bronze Age civilisations in the Mediterranean and in the Indus Valley - may also account for the rise of one of the most fearsome empires in history.

Worsening flood losses the face of the future

7 Mar 14 - As much of Europe recovers from the severest winter in several centuries, scientists say average annual flood losses could be almost five times greater by mid-century.

And the answer is ...

28 Feb 14 - Answers to the 20 big questions about climate change - is it real, how do we know humans are causing it, does it matter, and more - have been provided this week by Britain and America's top...

Sea-level rises threaten island havens

28 Feb 14 - Decades of work to create safe island havens for some of the world’s rarest species could be undone if sea levels rise as high as climate scientists predict, according to a new study.

Scientists find key methane micro-organism

21 Feb 14 - Scientists from The University of Queensland have discovered a microbe that is set to play a significant role in future global warming.

Young scientist sets sights on future of the mozzie

20 Dec 13 - The potential impact of climate change on insect predator-prey interactions is being investigated by a University of Canterbury postgraduate scholarship-winning student.

Study points finger at troublesome native birds

6 Dec 13 - Pukeko, kaka and gulls are the native bird species most likely to cause problems in New Zealand’s cities in the future, according to new research.

Southern Alps glaciers in state of rapid change

29 Nov 13 - Glaciers of the central Southern Alps are in a state of rapid change with ice volumes set to reduce by up to 60 per cent by the end of this century, a study by Victoria University’s Antarctic...

Massey scientists unlock plant secrets

8 Nov 13 - Massey University researchers have the first convincing evidence that inter-breeding between closely related species (hybridisation) can aid plants during periods of environmental change.

Marsden money goes to climate change research

1 Nov 13 - Just over $3 million of this year’s $59 million Marsden Fund will go into climate change research.

IPCC serious over sea levels

27 Sep 13 - By HOLLY RYAN, Science Media Centre. Rising sea levels will receive increased attention from climate scientists today when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change unveils its latest report...

La Nina effect cause of warming pause

6 Sep 13 - New findings that show a slowing of global surface temperature warming are no cause for complacency, scientists warn.

Scientists find methane super seep

16 Aug 13 - Scientists have discovered a super-charged methane seep in the ocean off New Zealand that has created its own unique food web, resulting in much more methane escaping from the ocean floor into the...

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