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Scientists see the future in natural resources

Today 11:00am - From creating transparent wood for solar panels or windows to turning carbon dioxide and plant waste into plastic bottles, scientists are finding ingenious ways to sidestep fossil fuels.

How ancient warm periods can help to predict climate change

Thursday - Several more decades of increased carbon dioxide emissions could lead to melting ice sheets, mass extinctions and extreme weather becoming the norm. We can’t yet be certain of the exact impacts, but we can look to the past to predict the future.

Soil could save Earth from overheating

19 Apr 16 - New research shows that changing the way we farm and manage soils so they store carbon rather than lose it would help to avoid dangerous climate change.

Scientists to join forces on 1.5C climate report

15 Apr 16 - Scientists from around the world will contribute to a major UN report on how global temperatures can be held to a rise of 1.5degC and what the impact might be on sea level rises, the bleaching of corals and biodiversity.

Blame burning fossil fuels for most sea-level rise

15 Apr 16 - Global average sea level has risen by about 17 cm between 1900 and 2005. This is a much faster rate than in the previous 3000 years.

If our ecosystems are threatened, let’s move them

12 Apr 16 - Picking up and moving entire ecosystems at risk of being wiped out by climate change is a technique that has already been used to deal with other human impacts - at the Stockton mine on the West Coast.

Drought-ravaged California is feeling the pressure

11 Apr 16 - Scientists say that storms carrying desperately needed water to California are being diverted by a band of high pressure that coincides with rainfall and temperature extremes.

Plants find cool response to warming

6 Apr 16 - Everyone can breathe just a little easier about the future according to research predicting that warming may mean plants expel less carbon dioxide.

Scientists crack secrets of wood-based glass

4 Apr 16 - Swedish researchers have developed a transparent wood-based material that could be used in future to make biodegradable windows and photovoltaic panels.

Nasa readies green fuel to drive its spacecraft

Nasa's Green Propulsion Spacecraft

1 Apr 16 - Nasa says its first “green” rocket fuel will be ready for use next year.

What does the science really say about sea-level rise?

1 Apr 16 - A recent high-profile study led by US climatologist James Hansen has warned that sea levels could rise by several metres by the end of this century. How realistic is this scenario?

Science grapples with climate conundrums

1 Apr 16 - New research illustrates that reactions of people, plants and animals to the changing climate are a key factor in unravelling the complexities of global warming.

Stretching the laws of physics will make a world of difference

17 Mar 16 - Carbon-negative cars, cost-effective organic solar cells and electricity from waste treatment are possible clean energy options as scientists stretch the laws of physics.

Meltdown Earth: Is there anyone out there listening?

17 Mar 16 - And another one bites the dust ... The year 2014 was the warmest recorded by humans. Then 2015 was warmer still. January 2016 broke the record for the largest monthly temperature anomaly. Then came...

Food production threatens to overwhelm climate efforts

14 Mar 16 - Each year our terrestrial biosphere absorbs about a quarter of all the carbon dioxide emissions that humans produce.

Plastic-munching bacteria could fuel recycling revolution

14 Mar 16 - More than 300m tonnes of plastics are manufactured each year for use in everything from packaging to clothing.

Massive sea level rise if southern ice sheet melts

11 Mar 16 - The world is on track for massive sea level rises resulting from the melting of an Antarctic ice sheet, one of New Zealand’s leading scientists is warning.

Sorry, but throwing seawater at Antarctica won't fix the problem

11 Mar 16 - Pumping seawater on to the Antarctic landmass to form ice and stop sea levels rising stands little chance of success, scientists say.

ECO SCARE: We're chomping through our resources

10 Mar 16 - New Zealanders are chewing through their biocapacity surplus – that’s the resources we have left once we’ve consumed what we want – at an alarming rate, new figures show.

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