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China might ban coal-power investment abroad

Friday - China’s environment ministry is proposing a crackdown on state involvement in building coal power plants abroad, in a report co-authored with international green groups.

Pressure mounts on UK to update its UN climate target

Friday - Scotland and British businesses are piling pressure on the UK government to set an ambitious 2030 climate target ahead of a summit co-hosted by Britain and the UN on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

How heat threatens global health

Friday - Heat-related deaths are surging around the world, particularly among older people, scientists say, warning of growing pressure on health systems hit hard by covid-19.

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

Thursday - Humanity is facing a new war, unprecedented in history, the secretary general of the UN has warned, which is in danger of destroying our future before we have fully understood the risk.

Fossil-fuels to blow climate targets despite pandemic dip, report warns

Thursday - The United Nations-backed Production Gap report projects a 2 per cent annual rise in global fossil fuel output this decade, when 6 per cent cuts are needed in line with a 1.5deg warming limit

Australia endures hottest spring ever

Wednesday - Australia has sweltered through its hottest spring and November on record, with both the season and the month more than 2deg warmer than the long-term average.

EU countries face off over hydrogen

Wednesday - EUROPEAN Union member states are fighting over which type of hydrogen to support, with two opposing camps facing off: those backing green hydrogen produced exclusively from renewable electricity, and those in favour of a broader “low-carbon” definition, which also includes nuclear power and decarbonised gases.

UK scrambles to decide first post-Brexit climate pledge

Tuesday - Britain is preparing to announce its first solo carbon-cutting pledge to the Paris climate agreement, in a tight political manoeuvre ahead of an ambition summit on December 12.

European states ordered to respond to climate suit

Tuesday - The European court of human rights has ordered 33 European governments to respond to a landmark climate lawsuit lodged by six youth campaigners, the Guardian has learned.

Scottish homes will use 100% green hydrogen in world first

Tuesday - Scotland is set to start the world’s first trials of green hydrogen to replace natural gas for cooking and heating in 300 homes.

Italian and German trains hitch up to hydrogen bandwagon

Tuesday - Rail operators in Italy and Germany are turning to hydrogen power in an attempt to make their train networks more environmentally friendly, with Deutsche Bahn, partnering up with Siemens, among the...

China to force firms to report use of plastic in new recycling push

Tuesday - Restaurants, e-commerce platforms and delivery firms will be forced to report their utilisation of single-use plastics to the authorities and also submit formal recycling plans, China's commerce...

Draft plan to criminalise ecosystem destruction

Tuesday - International lawyers are drafting plans for a legally enforceable crime of ecocide – criminalising destruction of the world’s ecosystems – that is already attracting support from European countries...

Severe fire danger for Australia as temperatures smash records

Monday - Parts of Australia, including Sydney, have sweltered through the hottest November night on record with temperatures likely to stay high, prompting authorities to issue a total fire ban.

Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children

Monday - People worried about the climate crisis are deciding not to have children because of fears that their offspring would have to struggle through a climate apocalypse, according to the first academic...

Ammonia – a fuel of the future?

Monday - Like hydrogen, ammonia can play a key role in decarbonising Europe’s heavy industry and transport. So why isn’t it grabbing the headlines in the same way?

Big bosses join to beat climate change

27 Nov 20 - Australia’s top corporate leaders have met to discuss tackling climate change in line with the Paris Agreement as part of an environmental initiative backed by Richard Branson’s The B Team.

EU backs global hydrogen market with euro as key currency

27 Nov 20 - Europe wants to install the euro as the reference currency for trading hydrogen, but a global market with harmonised standards needs to be put in place first in order to meet demand, says the EU’s...

EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions

27 Nov 20 - The aviation sector’s climate impact is three times bigger than the effect of its carbon dioxide emissions alone, a new study shows, prompting calls for action.

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