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OMF Market Review

OMF Market Review

Daily New Zealand carbon market review from broker OMFinancial. OMF's live market prices service is here

Activity picking up on local market

Today 12:00pm - We saw a flurry of trading yesterday, with about 60,000 NZUs trading over the day. OMFinancial reports:

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Carbon News Exclusive

In-depth locally researched news on the top issues.

NZ sets post 2030 target

Today 4:00pm - The Government has just announced the emissions reduction target New Zealand will take to international climate talks in Paris - 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Is our target ambitious, or just spin?

Today 4:00pm - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser is describing the new target as ambitious and a significant increase on the current target of five per cent below 1990 levels by 2020.

We need a plan to get there, says business

Today 4:00pm - Business groups say they want to know how the Government is going to make sure New Zealand achieves the 2030 emissions reduction target announced today.

Large parcel of NZUs for tender

Today 12:00pm - Two hundred thousand – and potentially a million – spot NZUs have come to the market this morning.

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Latest News

Kennedy Graham ... key threat.

We should push climate case at UN, say Greens

Monday - New Zealand should use its presidency of the United Nations Security Council to raise the issue of climate change as a security risk, the Green Party says.

Is palm oil the scourge of the earth, or a wonder crop?

Monday - If you happen to mention palm oil to most people outside of Asia you are unlikely to get a particularly positive reaction.

Tesla batteries might power your home but stored fuels will still run the country

Each lump is an effective – if dirty – primary battery.

Monday - Although Tesla’s Powerwall battery storage is likely to be a disruptive force for electrical energy systems around the world, it is not going to supplant the major forms of electrical energy storage...

Australia’s ‘climate roundtable’ could unite old foes and end the carbon deadlock

Business, environmental, trade union and social groups all see advantages in looking beyond high-emission industries such as coal-fired power.

Monday - Climate policy is in the Australian media yet again, but this time it might be different. The set of policy principles released by the Australian Climate Roundtable are extraordinary for two reasons.

It looks like carbon capture is going down down the tubes

Hopes that CCS can rescue power plants like Satpura in India remain illusory so far

Monday - One of the much-heralded solutions to climate change which its supporters believe could enable the world to continue to burn fossil fuels looks likely to be a failure.

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CMS Carbon Commentary

CMS Carbon Commentary

Commentary from Carbon Market Solutions

Market liquid and steady, but slow

11 Feb 15 - Carbon continues to move sideways, holding around the $6 mark. OMFinancial...

Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?

4 Apr 14 - IS THE Emissions Trading Scheme working and will it be more effective after the...

Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

21 Feb 14 - By WAYNE KING. Australia’s media is drip-feeding news and commentary on the...

Market poised to move higher?

18 Feb 14 - A day of consolidation yesterday, as Spot NZUs fixed at $3.37 on CommTrade....

What was going on at the Warsaw climate conference

29 Nov 13 - The Warsaw climate change conference opened as super typhoon Haiyan, the...

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Forestry News

PFSI consultation meeting today

Today 12:00pm - Public meetings to discuss changes to the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative kick...

Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis

29 Jun 15 - Australia can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent below 2005...

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How transport sharing boosts health, wealth and climate

A line of electric cars ready to be driven in a sharing scheme in Paris.

Monday - New research into how people’s habits change shows that everyone benefits from...

Greenhouse gas-guzzlers might spurn extra carbon dioxide

Fossil diatoms from marine sediments: their descendants reject rising CO2.

Monday - Diatoms – tiny ocean-dwelling photosynthesisers that produce a fifth of the...

WORLD TODAY: New coal plants most urgent threat to the planet, warns OECD head

Monday - * Greenhouse gas blamed for climate expulsion driving temperature rises across...

Q&A: Robert Redford tells us what he told the UN General Assembly

Robert Redford ... it's pretty clear something is happening.

Monday - The climate change crisis involves action from every country, every nation and...

Carbon trades higher

1 Jul 15 - Spot NZUs closed at $6.80 yesterday on 15k. OMFinancial reports:

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Carbon Market Directory

Carbon Market Directory

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Canon opens grants programme

8 Jun 15 - Canon New Zealand is calling for not-for-profit organisations and schools...

Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan

8 Jun 15 - Panasonic’s international tree-planting project has hit Japan and China.

Artificial grass goes green

8 Jun 15 - Artificial grass just went green with Eco Lawn providing new eco-friendly...

Bank's Auckland office wins green accolade

18 May 15 - Innovative design and exemplary waste minimisation has helped BNZ to achieve a...

Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

11 May 15 - Davis Funerals now uses caskets that are better for the environment.

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