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OMF Market Review

OMF Market Review

Daily New Zealand carbon market review from broker OMFinancial. OMF's live market prices service is here

NZUs hold steady

Monday - The market held $6.70-$6.80 on Friday. OMFinancial reports:

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Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

Monday - The risk of being left with stranded assets is focusing business attention on climate change, says the organiser of an up-coming business conference in Auckland.

We're knee-deep in it (adding up emissions, that is)

Monday - The Government is now doing what businesses have been doing since 2011 – totting up how many credits it has to surrender to meet its obligations.

How to tell your business' sustainability story

Monday - FIONA STEPHENSON explains how businesses can build brand loyalty by effectively telling their sustainability stories, and gives a sneak preview of Project NZ: Telling Good Stories.

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Latest News

Shell swims against oil price tide

Monday - As the giant Shell oil company begins highly controversial exploration drilling in the Arctic, the price of crude continues to slide.

Are electric aircraft the future or just wishful thinking?

Monday - The future of aviation is dependent on finding an alternative power source. Is electricity the answer?

The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability

Monday - What does your vision of a sustainable future look like? Some people imagine a scenario whereby technology solves the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

Monday - Massive solar power stations are being built in the world’s “sun belts” − with the US and India competing to have the largest in the world.

Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

Monday - Two academic papers inspired a media firestorm, polarising popular opinion and scientists, on whether global warming was in some way responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

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Forestry News

Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

Monday - Scientists warn that lizards, coral reefs and forests are all seriously under...

New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

24 Aug 15 - More of New Zealand’s post-1989 plantation forests are outside the Emissions...

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Scientists rate Australia even worse than NZ

Monday - Australia has got an even worse review from an international coalition of...

We can turn CO2 in the air into new materials

Monday - What if there were a way to suck carbon dioxide right out of the air and turn...

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Coca-Cola meeting water marks

Monday - Coca-Cola says it will meet its 2020 water replenishment goal – to return to...

Peace Park gets new plantings

Monday - Making a difference to the environment is something the team at Crowne Plaza...

Green Star rating widens field

3 Aug 15 - The Green Star building rating has been widened to include social and financial...

Canon opens grants programme

8 Jun 15 - Canon New Zealand is calling for not-for-profit organisations and schools...

Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan

8 Jun 15 - Panasonic’s international tree-planting project has hit Japan and China.

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